Monday, November 02, 2009

Best Blog Award

Thank you Elizabeth of LAST DOOR.....DOWN THE HALL, for awarding me a Best Blog Award. That's a nice thing to receive. From what I understand from Elizabeth's blog when you receive the award you are supposed to pass it on to 15 other blogs. Whew! That's a lot of blogs. I'm not sure how many I have listed over there on the right hand side of my blog but those are the blogs that I visit on a fairly regular basis. I enjoy them. Different styles of writing, different kinds of artists and artwork and enough for me to see what's happening. I haven't got a clue how to attach that little award symbol to my blog let alone another blog. I suppose it's some sort of gadget or widget or something.

Thank you again, for thinking of my blog. I'm glad that you enjoy it. I'm glad that you think I am warm and friendly. I'm not. Not all the time. Mostly warm and friendly. I have my moments.
Rudeness, disrespectful behavior, lying, being nasty, etc. will bring out the ugly side of me.

I try to practice patience and depending on my frame of mind I can be successful.

I certainly don't expect awards for my blog. It's very nice to get one, though. I blog because I can or am, you choose. I thought I would start blogging years ago because I wanted my adult children to get a sense of who I really was and not just Ma or Grandma. I'm not sure they have even read it enough. I thought I would only be using my blog to detail my progress on my art projects. That certainly hasn't been the case.

I will say that my blog has developed into a vehicle for me to ramble on about topics, post photographs that I have taken a shine to, post pictures of what few and far between art work I have been working on and what gorgeous art I have received in the mail.

It's been a way for me to share stories and remembrances.

It's been a way for me to celebrate milestones of family members.

It's been most of all a way to get to know fellow bloggers. I appreciate the time that people take to visit here. I appreciate the comments and the chance to get to interact with you.

So, thanks for the award, Elizabeth!

Now, go create something everybody. :)Bea


  1. Congrats, very deserving! :) I enjoying visiting your blog. But Bea, I just want to know one thing..... how did you come up with the name????????? LOL

  2. wonderful, and well deserved!! congratulations!

  3. Oooooh Yvonne, that's a tale for a cold winter's night, gathering around the fire, with our mugs of cider clutched in our hands. :)Bea

  4. Thanks Nancy, it was a very pleasant surprise. :)Bea

  5. congratulations! its always nice to get awards :D

  6. Well you know I love your blog and the award is most definitely deserved. Well done you. I really enjoyed this post about how it has evolved too.

  7. Dear Bea you are so much more than a mother and a grandmother and in time your children will celebrate the gifts of your stories and thoughts on making a life worth living. I so love your Day of the Dead heading photo. You have a silent friend in me as we make this journey together. Each touch to the keypad connects us in this magic universe of the invisible revelation... one act of peace. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen and Miss Rosie
    Congrats on your much deserved award!!!!

  8. Congrats!

    It's always good to be recognized by your fellow bloggers.

    Means you're doing something right.

  9. As I have said for a LONG time, you are a wonderful and entertaining writer...another credit in your long line of artistic talents.

    --Maybe this is ONE of the focal points of your new STRATEGIC plan.

    And, yes, recognition is lovely and you absolutely deserve it as well as the validation you should feel by the many that follow you.

    Clap, clap, hoot, hoot, cat call, cat call!!!

  10. Thank you Heather. :)Bea

  11. Thank you Gina (BT) We have certainly "FOUND" each other with our blogs, haven't we? lol :)Bea

  12. Mary Helen, your words are always like reading beautiful poetry. You make me smile. :)Bea

  13. Hey, G, I want you to know that I really appreciate you stopping by, dropping in, zooming on over to read my blog. I KNOW you have your own books to get finished. Now, get to work, young man. :)Bea

  14. Well, D, you know you've always been in my corner jumping up and down supporting me. Thank you, thank you thank you. :)Bea

  15. Well deserved! I also awarded you.
    Right click and copy to your blog.
    You don't have to do the seven secrets...I am not sure you have any secrets left, Hee hee :)
    Love, Lisa