Friday, November 13, 2009


I feel like crawling into bed, snuggling with a purring cat and sleeping away the day. I'm fighting off a cold that, as usual, has settled first, in my sinus passages.

My son and his family are arriving tonight for the weekend. If my body wants to be ill it's really going to have to WAIT until Monday. I simply don't have time to be sick. I'm drinking my tea and taking some extra vitamins and we'll see what happens.

I'm still moving stuff out to the studio. I know this seems like it's been happening over a long period of time. Remember, right now it's just me, carrying stuff out to the tractor cart, driving it over, unloading it and carrying it up a flight of steps. I lose steam after about three trips.
Justin said he will help me move up what I have stacked up in the barn to carry up at a later date.

It's looking really nice up in the studio. The man who did the walls and painting, stopped by to pick up some things he had left and took a peek upstairs and he was very impressed. He loved the floor. He was surprised at how full the room looked already. Silly man. He asked if I was going to teach any classes and I told him I had plans for the new year to start teaching some teen and adult workshops. He got very excited because he was two boys 10 and 12 that love to do art and would love to take an Art Journal workshop. This is a good sign.

I'm off to make some chili for supper, take over another load of stuff to the studio, drink more tea and think healthy thoughts.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I hope you find some time to be creative. :)Bea


  1. Hope you have a great weekend with the family...and fight off that cold. I am also making chili for tonights supper. Its chilly and frosty here in the mornings and cold at night so comfort food it is.

  2. Thank you Lee. I'm waterlogged with tea but it seems to be holding off something. Our weather is changing again. Rain tonight and then it looks like the temps are going to start going back down to "normal" for this time of the year. When the kids roll in around 10:00 tonight, the chili will warm them up. :)Bea

  3. I'm trying my best to blow some of this warm air your way Bea. We hit 80 yesterday. But we are getting a cold front in soon and will get down some. Take care of that cold. I thought it was chicken soup for a cold, not chili! or maybe chicken chili will do even a better job? :) But whatever works, just get well soon okay.:)

  4. OOooooooooooh chicken chili sounds good. I'm just about to feed Riley some sweet potatoes. We know she likes peaches and applesauce now on to bigger and better stuff. :)Bea

  5. Yikky on the cold front (both personally and environmentally) - but great to hear you already have a couple of students, when the timing is right.
    The photos of the trees are magical - is it rain that created the foggy look? The maple tree is gorgeous. We had a sniff of snow today but just in the air. Cold, but expecting highs in the high 50's early next week.

  6. i love misty pictures!

  7. Tea, that's always good, hot too. I do hope you're not wearing yourself out with all this carrying of stuff. My room will look more full than yours - I bet!! I do hope your sniffle doesn't develop into a full blown lurgy!