Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New barn, tight scalp and the mundane you can't live without.

I take so many pictures of old neglected barns that I thought I would show you a picture of some of the beautiful well tended farm buildings around here. It's beautiful but it lacks the character and beauty of age, that I really like to photograph.
I had my hair cut today and my stylist told me that my scalp was unbelievably tight. That apparently is NOT a good thing. She massaged it but said that I needed to learn how to release more stress from my body.
She wasn't plugging any lotions or potions or even a class, she just thought I should know I was holding on to my stress.
And, here I thought my jaw, shoulders, neck were all nice and loose and I was doing fine. Seems I just pushed it all up to my head. I know how to release tension from my face and the rest of my body but I'm at a loss to know how to release it from my scalp.
Perhaps I am thinking too much.
Yesterday it was beautiful and we were back to our normal Fall weather. Of course, today the temperatures are fine for Fall but the sky is back to gray.
If I had known it was going to be so difficult to have a number of sunny days I would have grabbed my camera yesterday and hit the road.
NOTE TO SELF: Don't wait for tomorrow.
I'm still going to see what I can find today, with two days of rain in the forecast I'm afraid the leaves will be washed from the trees.
The tile guy comes this weekend to do the grout and then other than things that John wants to finish, like the beams and installing the fan, the studio will be ready for me to start hauling up supplies.
It's all very exciting, for me. I'll keep you in the loop with pictures.
I'm off to finish my errands. Murphy got dropped off at Puppy Day Care this morning when a man also was dropping off his two Golden's. Murphy was delighted to troop in with the big guys.
I suppose since I share the mundane, somewhat interesting trivia of my life with you, I should share this tidbit.
Last Friday, I picked up Murphy at Puppy Day Care. They give you a paper report card when you pick up your dog and now they have started giving a photo taken of your dog with the other dogs. It's a nice thing to let you off the hook of feeling guilty about dropping off your pet.
I take the leash, walk to the door, trying to read the report card. I tell my dog, "HEY, stop pulling, just wait for me."
I'm being dragged along the sidewalk by this ball of white fur. I'm still trying to read the back of the photo to see who's in the picture. I open the car door, lift up the dog, dog jumps into the car, turns around on the drivers seat and we stare at each other and even without a human voice, we echo the same words, "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?"
I grab the leash and take this same breed white puppy with a completely brown face back inside the building. "Let's try again folks."
The young man is very embarrassed and bright pink. He takes "Charlie S" or maybe it was "Charlie K" back to the kennel area, to find Murphy.
I just shrug. What can I say.
You would think I would have noticed the lack of the saddle coloring on Charlie's back. I didn't.
Now, I know I can just blame this all on a tight scalp.
In fact, I think there are a lot of things I'm going to blame on my tight scalp.
I need to create, how about you? It's good for our souls and our tight scalps. :)Bea


  1. LOL , Bea!
    Tight scalp is the answer to my prayers...
    I can't be expected to be good for anything...my scalp is too tight!
    Lucky you! I think I'll make a hair appointment and slip Sirese a note. I want to be diagnosed with 'tight scalp'
    I can't wait!
    (smiling so hard my face hurts)
    LOVE, Lisa

  2. LOL That is so funny. I can just see it when you said "Who the hell are you? LOLLOL tight scalp, not good Bea, not good. LOL LOL Too funny, yep, this one hit my funny bone!!!!!! LOL LOL

  3. OK. Another advantage of the tight scalp is that it's already giving you a fake face lift. So, keep that in mind at our advancing ages.

  4. OOOOOOOh, Lisa, get a head massage. :)Bea

  5. The other dog seemed happy to be in the car but confused about why I was. Owners should know their dogs right? Oh dear, I'm slipping. :)Bea

  6. hmmmm, face lift. I hadn't thought of that. At this rate my eyes will be up at the top of my head. :)Bea

  7. Well, I've heard of some strange things but a tight scalp?? lol. My Dad used to wiggle his scalp as a sort of party trick! His was dead loose! Maybe lots of hair brushing? Massage? Get Zeus to bang you on the head with a wooden spoon???

    I laughed out loud at your story of picking up the wrong dog!! That really was funny. I still can't get over the fact that you have puppy school at all. Crazy Americans....