Friday, October 09, 2009

Messages from the house elf?

Gorgeous shape and gorgeous color. Our fall color is spotty right now. It's not in full force and I don't know how the threat of "snow on the grass" will effect it. "Snow on the grass" seems to be our weather forecasters attempt to introduce multiple definitions for snow. There is "snow thunder" and now this one, "snow on the grass", which I assume means that if I look outside right after it stops snowing I get to see it before it melts. Frankly, that better be what it means because I am NOT ready for "snow that sticks and stays around until April".
I save fortune cookie messages to attach to pictures that crowd my refrigerator door. I noticed this on the garage floor as I was leaving this morning. IT WAS NOT STAGED! I DO NOT STAGE THINGS. humph
So, what would you choose, the penny or the bark? Or maybe I was on the fence about something else and the house elf thought I needed some help?
I am having a face cord of wood delivered on Saturday. Tracy, the firewood delivery guy, is amazing.
He cuts the wood, stacks it in his pickup in absolutely straight piles so he knows exactly how much to fill the back of the truck up with wood to be a face cord. Then he arrives and within 15 minutes he has unloaded it and stacked it in my garage. I am in awe of him.
REMEMBER THE BLUE CHAIR? I drove by the farm today and snapped this picture. The weather has not been kind to the chair and I suspect that nobody ever really sat in it. That's a purple morning glory vine that has wrapped itself around part of the chair.
I got some packages of silk Squares in a variety of different colors from They are absolutely gorgeous. The package says Mary Jo Hiney Designs presents Silk Adaptation.
I'm off to do more yard work. The tractor was just out of gas, whew! I still need to get the belt fixed so I can cut the grass one last time. At least, I can drive it around and pick up the lawn furniture. It's sad to have to put things in storage until next spring.
I get to babysit for Mary again tonight. Last night the Little Princess, Riley, didn't want to go to sleep until 9:30pm. She was having some gas issues. I noticed that when Grandpa took her for a bit and sat her on his knee, to play Polar Bear Bowling, on the computer, she stopped fussing.
Have a great day! Try to create SOMETHING remember it is so good for your soul. :)Bea


  1. I've been having house elf issues as well...they are running amok in the studio and there are times when I'm afraid the whole place will come down around my ears! lol
    Love that photo of the blue chair and can't believe that your corner of the States is already contemplating snow!! Stay warm sweet Bea! xo - Michelle

  2. Growing up my grandmother always told me"Pennies that are found on the ground are special, they are kisses from Heaven" and to this day I always pick them up and have a special jar just for them.
    Strange thing is I always seem to find them when I am sad or missing someone.
    I am still working on the blue chair piece. It's coming together, unlike the little chair itself.
    Stay warm up there.
    BTW, I got the package I won!!! I was like a little girl opening up a many goodies in it. Thank you so much Bea, I was really tickled to receive it all. Now my mind is turning thinking what can I do with all this good stuff!!!! :)

  3. I am soooo glad you got the box. I know the things in it weren't terribly exciting but it is fun to get something. I use playing cards for the base for my ATCs or I did when I made them. Can't even remember what else was in there. Just a little of this and that, ENJOY. :)Bea

  4. Neither am I ready for snow that sticks around 'til April.

    I get a slightly milder version that you do out there, but ours usually hits with a ferocity that one can strangely enjoy and curse at the same time.

  5. G, after getting stuck in the middle of a "white out" two years ago, when it snows, my rule now is when I can't see the farmhouse across the road, I don't go out. :)Bea

  6. I do remember that blue chair, gosh, it's really showing the weathered look now. I can't wait to see your 'blue chair' work. Bless little Riley. Jason was minding Kitty and he showed a photo of them watching the Grand Prix!! She seemed to be enjoying it.

  7. I'd like to see your fridge with the fortune cookie pictures. Sounds such fun. Oh, the bark everytime. Your wood man sounds wonderful. We had 70+ bags of pellets delivered today and they took up much more space than we'd anticipated! The delivery men were really cheerful. I liked them.