Friday, October 09, 2009

A little more of this and that.

Someone asked me how I could have so many posts. Well, sweetie, it's because I often have more to tell you in one day. I stopped by Barnes & Noble Bookstore this morning. One to pick up some ON SALE large print crossword puzzles for my mother for Christmas and two because it's time for my Chi Latte in honor of my dear departed friend, Shar. (She whispered in my left ear that dear departed makes her sound like an old fart) Sorry, Shar! She died too young before her time and certainly before I was ready to let go of her. (She's much happier now)
While I was at the bookstore I noticed that the moleskine journals were on sale. I got a package, they come three to a package of beautiful deep red, they look like 4"x8" for 7.88. That's with the 20% off promotion and my discount card for the store. Not bad at all. They do have wonderful plain paper inside for journaling.
The store also had a promotion that I fell for. One because I like what they are doing and two because you get this really cool bag with a giant stamped 3 and READFEED on it. The purpose of the promotion is a way to get a donation to provide 3 school meals and 3 local language books to children in the developing world. They seem to be just a B & N so if you are interested and have one near you, pop in and take a look at the bag. I love it.
I know how important it is for children to be given a nutritious school meal in some countries because it then allows them to concentrate and stay in school. EDUCATION is the best ticket out of poverty. If you are interested in the project: If you do click on the site, after it loads the far right little poster that says 3 and then read going down and feed going across is what my book bag looks like.
Let's see, oh I got the book The Magician's Elephant out of the library and plan to read it this weekend.
Some new books have landed on my computer table. I'll be posting something about them at Dog In The Hole Studio Booktalk sometime this weekend. The link is over there on my blog list.
Hmmmm, there was something else.....................Ahhhhh, the 50% off coupon at JoAnn's starts today. There may be one on line, there was one in the flyer that arrived at my house. I bought some rotary blades. They are always so expensive and half price is nice. I also got two more of these stackable bins? They were 50% off and they have different sizes and shaped. The ones that I bought are about 12" square and the three snap together and with a lid and you can carry them from one place to another.
I've always had little drawers where I kept ribbon, lace and rickrack. The little drawers do take up space on a book shelf and although they look nice I can't really take them with me to a workshop. I've managed to consolidate four of them into these two stackable carry drawers. If you do check them out there are in the storage area near the cutting tables and they have green lids. If I remember to check the trash I can look up what they are really called. Very handy and effecient with space.
Time to go run some errands and pick up Murphy. He was groomed today.
Time for a new picture. GO CREATE! :)Bea


  1. Funny, because I just went into Corpus Christi on Wednesday to Barnes and Nobles and to JoAnn's myself. I got 2 books called Embellishing with Anything and The Salvage Studio. I will post about it later on my blog but they are great. I also got some fabric to make a baby quilt for an order that I have...will be for a little girl, dragonflies and butterflies and purple is what she ordered. I did get many more things, too much to mention here, but it was fun!

  2. OOOOoh Yvonne, YOU and I could do some serious SHOPPING if we were close to one another. lolol Can't wait to hear what you think of your books. Can one ever have enough books? :)bea

  3. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Mary Jo Hiney is a California girl. I see her when I go to the Seven Sisters quilt show near my brother's home. Beautiful fabrics, enjoy them Bea!


  4. Marlene, you should see these beautiful little silk swatches. They are perfect for crazy quilting or art dolls. I just love them and silk, what's not to love about silk? lol :)Bea

  5. I do envy you your shops and stores, the ones in Ireland are rubbish, that's if you can find any that sell decent material at all. Grump grump!!