Thursday, October 08, 2009

Let's take a drive to Ridgeway.

Twenty some years ago we bought a piece of property which was then 45 minutes from our back door to the cabin's back door. An hour was my limit for traveling with three children and two dogs in the car. The cabin was an A-frame that a judge from Chicago built for his hunting trips up to Wisconsin. He built the cabin on the edge of a hill, facing West.
He had it for a number of years and then it had been rented out and when we bought it, no one had been living it in for a time. We were never impressed with the house as much as the view and the land.
Since I name things this property got named as well, Bluebird Ridge.
We haven't been spending as much, if any time out there lately. So much to do with our present home. But, when it calls to me and it does I drive on out to visit. I can't describe the feeling I get when I drive in the 1/4 mile road.
It's as if all worries and stress just fall away from my life. It's serene and beautiful, even when it's 46 degrees and raining.
I put together an album and if you have the time and are interested, take a peek. Make yourself some tea, sit back and put it on slideshow. Enjoy!
P.S. Sometimes you just need something that makes you laugh. This cracked me up. I am NOT a supporter of lotteries but I do love bunnies.


  1. Gorgeous and especially with the change in the colors for the fall. Great photos Bea! I can see why you like it there.

  2. Thanks Yvonne. I really wanted to go yesterday when the sun was out but I had to wait around the house for a repair man to show up.

  3. What a lovely retreat. I enjoyed the drive too! The red tree - wouldn't that be a lovely name for a creative blog - the tree just looks like it's not showing off - just expressing itself!

  4. Thanks Trudi! I wish I had the energy to keep up two places but I just don't anymore. I tell John that it's LAND and our retirement account. lol Someday, we'll sell it but until then I just love to enjoy it when I can.
    The Red Tree....the picture... and then "not showing off-just expressing myself", all on the banner or header. Very cool.

  5. Those photos are just gorgeous Bea. What a wonderful place. Can I have it? Please, I did ask nicely.... That red tree is stunning. Clever idea of Trudi's. Super post.