Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Is today the day you SMILE?

Yayayayay, YOU ARE HERE!

I'm so glad you came. I've missed you.

How are you. Won't it be fun to spend some time together?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if everywhere we went

people greeted like us like a happy four year old

When Mary drops off Riley at day care a two year old and a four year old greet her at the door. They are excited, happy and have lots to say to her.

It's a great way to start the day, isn't it? No matter how crappy our day started out it would be hard to remain sullen and unhappy when greeted by that enthusiasm, wouldn't it?

The other day I was going into the grocery store and the cart person was returning a long line of carts to the entrance. I waited until he had gotten them in place to reach for a cart. He saw me and pulled one out for me.
A simple gesture and probably a good one for a store employee. I got eye contact and told him thank you so much and SMILED.
He SMILED back.
I told him I really appreciated it and proceeded through the store door.
A second later he was by my side talking. "Not many people even notice me. It was really nice of you to say thank you."

We parted company at the fruits and vegetables.

A smile.
A thank you.
Eye contact with another human being.

Has this all become so difficult for us? Are we so wrapped up in our lives, our business, our TO DO list that we can't take a minute to notice the world around us?

You know what's sad. It sad that I have to remind myself to have a SMILE DAY once a week. That yours truly has to MAKE herself smile all day long.
I do it because it's so easy to fall into the busy, busy, mode.
The I'm too important or too busy to notice you.
That I need to get done or be somewhere more than you do.

When the sky is gray or my day hasn't started off with a four year old happy greeting I need the SMILE DAY. I need to remind myself that I'm here, I'm upright and THANK YOU, ABOVE GROUND. I need to remind myself that I am a creative expression of my soul. That every single person, out there, even the grumpy ones, are bits of light and energy. I need to remind myself that like the guy in the Validation Video, my smile, my attention to another person might be the ripple that changes something, in the universe.

YES, even little old me can believe that I make a difference. And, you can too.

Sometimes it backfires. Like the time I was out driving on a country road, with Sam, my previous dog. I passed a policeman sitting by the side of the road and waved at him. Minutes later he was behind me with his lights and siren going. He pulled me over to scold me about going 10 miles over the speed limit. I was surprised because all the other back roads were a 45 speed limit. I hadn't noticed that this back road, for some strange reason was 35. I got a ticket.

So, I still wave at parked policemen and women but I make sure to check my speed first.

I hold doors for anybody.
I smile at everybody.
I thank people.
And, if you showed up at my door I swear I would greet you like a four year old.

So, SMILE today, even when you don't really want to. Stretch those facial muscles. Remember who you REALLY ARE. You are so much more than the bones, muscles and water that make up that body you haul around.


You are amazing!

Look at that SMILE.



  1. I'm smiling!!! That little cowboy is a cutie btw. My daddy always told me that when we wake up in the morning it is our choice...when our feet hit the floor we had better have a smile on our face. I wake up every morning in a good mood whether I slept good or not because I know I hve the choice to be in a good mood or a bad one...I like good moods. Before long I'm smiling and laughing all day long and if I did have any aches, pains, anything bad that I woke up with, they are soon forgotten. Make yourself laugh out loud no matter how you feel and before long you will be feeling like laughing out loud!!!!!!!!

  2. Yvonne, that's my grandson, Sawyer and he's a charmer. He's four and soooooooo adorable. Your dad gave you great advise. I can tell by your picture that you love live.
    I have a rule when I am looking at greeting cards, if it makes me laugh out loud, I buy it. There is nothing like keeping a laugh folder for those times when you really need a good belly laugh. :)Bea

  3. Such an important reminder. And you have me smiling right now!!!

  4. Well Seth, you have a great smile it goes up the way up to your eyes! :)Bea

  5. Isn't that the truth! I have a big sign on my chalk board by the door that says "SMILE" it is always amazing that after people walk by that sign they have a grin on their face!
    Watch your mail... something is heading your way!

  6. While waiting at the post office today to mail out a job app, a young lady came in with her child.

    Her child was acting so mischeivious that everyone who was either waiting in line or standing at the counter, smiled at his antics.

  7. I've had a rough couple of days, but your post made me smile...and I usually do smile at people but it's so easy to forget. thanks for the reminder, and the comment on my blog. glad you liked the postcard!

  8. Another lovely smiley post Bea. I am on a smile high! Thank you. My jaw aches now!!