Thursday, October 08, 2009

How can you NOT love a Zinna?

Reading my emails this morning, looking outside at the cold, damp, going to rain soon weather, can depress even a normally happy person. I posted below this post a letter from my SIL. She's very active in the political world, concerned about things that I know I should be concerned about. Her plea, her letter seemed reasonable to me. If there is one thing I have no patience for is people doing things to be rude, to hold up something, to confuse, to be disrespectful, etc. I'm old enough to tire of that kind of behavior quickly.
Health care in this country is a mess. Like she says it's confusing and most people that I talk to tend to want to run the other direction when it's mentioned. But, her letter is worth reading and acting on.
I tend to get most of my fact from PBS stations, like Bill Moyers journal. Even watching a Friday night of news on PBS can depress me. I want to march into the senate room, smack the backs of a few heads, tell everybody to sit down and be quiet and LISTEN to the FACTS and be reasonable and GET ON WITH IT. I know, it's not that simple. Nothing in life is.

Today, while reading Lynne's blog I just shook my head.

We are sending a bomb to the moon. For science, for research........

and in my inbox of emails is a request from the local food pantry for more food. Their numbers have increased. More families and elderly are at their doors.
I can't fix it all, I can only do what I I pass on Nancy's plea letter and hope that my readers will take the time to read it and perhaps act on it.

I ask that you grab a grocery bag and fill it with some food and drop it off at your local food pantry
and then, knowing that you have done a little something in your corner of the world, please,

PLEASE go out and find a Zinnia.

Ok, it doesn't have to be a Zinnia but something that will make you smile. That will lift your spirits and remind you that long after humankind has done what they will with this planet that a flower will bloom somewhere.

When I was little my Uncle Harry came to our house one spring with a package of Zinnia seeds. My parents had no time for gardening so he dug a little patch of soil, by the old wire fence and we planted the seeds.
He went back home and would often call me and ask me how my seeds were doing.
By the time I was ready to go back to school my Zinnia plants had bloomed. I couldn't get over the beautiful colors. My second grade teacher showed me how to draw a circle and then draw petals that looked like the Zinnia petals.
My greatest joy was to be able to color them in hot pink, orange and red.
I still plant Zinnia's by my fence. Actually, right under the pickets so they will be forced to poke their heads out and I can see them from the house.
Zinnia plants won't solve the world problems, they won't feed the children but they will refresh me and then I can get on with doing what I can, in my corner of the world. CREATE IT'S GOOD FOR THE SOUL :)Bea


  1. Yes, news can be depressing, so I sometimes take a news fast. I think I always try to find any kind or little piece of beauty out there, because there is so much of the other.I believe artists and craftsman in general do that.
    BTW I love zinnias and I love your new header.

  2. I'm sorry I can't help as I'm in the wrong country! You are a good lady so to do.

    zinnias are beautiful as are gazania, quite similar and we still have those flowering in our garden. Will they do? xxx