Monday, October 26, 2009


I'm 61 today! I'm 61 today! What a glorious age. How wonderful to be here, in this day and age and celebrating this wonderful birthday.

I can honestly say that I love every laugh line, every worry line, what ever age has delivered.

I hope that I have achieved a little wisdom along the way.

I hope that I have learned compassion and understanding.

I hope that I have practiced forgiveness and gratitude.

I hope that I have lived in the moment as much as possible.

I hope I have told everybody how much I appreciate their love and support in helping me become the person I am right now and I look forward to what I am to become.

I hope that those that didn't live this long have passed over into their true purpose and journey.

I hope that I stop to notice a flower a long the path, look deeply into the eyes of those around me and see their true light and love.

I hope that when I stumble on the path that there are those that will lovingly help me up, brush me off and give me a pat on the back.

I hope that what love and light I can offer to the world is received and helps.

I hope that I remember, at all times that although I might be lonely, sometimes, I am never alone.

I hope I remember my manners, values, who I really am as I travel the path.

I hope that I always have time to offer a helping hand, shoulder to lean on, handkerchief to dry an eye, a smile and words of hope to those that need it.

I hope that I'm not the weakest link in humanities chain but if I see the weakest link I wrap my arms around them and hold them tight.

I hope that I have my twenty summers and more to enjoy my wonderful children, their mates and my grandchildren.

I hope that I can make a difference in my little corner of the world and if I don't that I at least don't make it worse.

When I turned 50 I sat outside, at dusk, on this property, before we had built our house. I released 50 white balloons, one at a time, into the air.

With each balloon I released a wish or prayer, with love.

I didn't write them down but it's amazing to me how many of them have come true.

Now, I know better than to release balloon into the sky.

So, no balloons and you don't have to read 61 different hopes. I think the ones above pretty much sum up this year's thoughts.

I thank you for your well wishes, in advance.

The tile is done, the floor is beautiful and I can now start taking things up to the new studio. A new chapter has begun. I am very excited, happy and grateful. This didn't just happen. Zeus valued my needs and created a space for me to create. I am ever so grateful to him.

So, everyone, have a wonderful day, I KNOW I WILL. Thank you all for taking the time to stop by. You are appreciated very much.

Go Create! :)Bea
P.S. I'm including this link to a beautiful video that probably will make some of you cry but I think it's worth watching.


  1. Oh Bea! Happy, happy birthday to you! I can only hope that when I have my 61st birthday that I'm as hopeful, happy, generous, and wise as you! Have a fabulous day! x0 - Michelle

  2. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear BEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAA, Haaaaaaappppppyyy Biiiiirrrrrrrttttthhhhhhddddaaaaaayyyyyy ttooooooooooooooo yoooooooouuuuuuuuuu!!!!! And many more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. Thank you Michelle! I'm having a wonderful day. And, Yvonne you are in FINE voice this morning. THANK YOU! lol :)Bea

  4. I see how it is, you mention your birthday, then say it is a long way off, then HAH, it's your birthday, TODAY! And here I am without a gift or a song or a cake...
    But I do have a lot of love to send your way...sniff... when it gets there you will smell raspberries!
    I love you, Bea and Happy Birthday,

  5. I sang Happy Birthday to you on Facebook so I don't feel too bad about being a day late here. That video was so sad and then he's died too, so even sadder. What a marvellous dog, he was like a mountain lion.

    I'm so glad you've caught me up in age now Bea, you can no longer call me 'old lady'. As if you would! 1948 was a wonderful year. Wooooo hooooo to youuuuu!

  6. Thank you Lisa for the Love with the Scent of Raspberries. Something like giving me the Milky way, heh? :)Bea

  7. Yes, dear Gina you did sing and it was sung beautifully. Thank you. lol well done, well done :)Bea

  8. There is a wonderful book I purchased at Goodwill for $1.50 ..."Suddenly Sixty" by Judith Viorst. She covers the many many shocks after turning 60 but you have her beat already. Continue on your road to discovery and creativity.
    They laugh together
    Read together
    dance together
    paint together
    listen to music together
    walk,holding hands, together.

    They love exchanging

    He rushes to greet her,
    his arms outstretched
    joyfully calling her name
    when he sees her arrive.

    Who, you are wondering,
    is this blissful couple?
    She is his grandma.
    He is almost five.

    Happy birthday dear Bea!
    Imagine and Live in Peace,
    Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  9. I just watched the Baxter You Tube movie and yes I am crying like crazy. Love and Live the life you LOVE! Imagine Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  10. Happy Birthday Bea - and yes...I cried like a baby at that video. If I could go with a doggie in my arms it would be like being in heaven already.

  11. Happy Birthday young lady!

    Now you can truly get those...cough, cough...senior citizen discounts....


  12. Thank you Mary Helen for your wonderful good wishes. I absolutely LOVE being a grandmother. And, having Riley right here in my home is just JOY. :)Bea

  13. Mim, I hated to make people cry but that was such a beautiful tibute to such a wonderful dog that I felt I had to pass it on. Sometimes it's good to have a good cry. :)Bea

  14. LOL Thanks to love those discounts! :)Bea

  15. Happy, happy birthday Bea!!!

  16. Happy belated birthday Bea - sorry I missed the day! I love your story about the balloons!

  17. Happy birthday!
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