Sunday, October 04, 2009


Zeus was unavailable for the drawing. I recruited Riley to do the honors.
She preferred my bike racing hat for the names. OK, OK, my gardening hat.
Geesch, some people are sticklers for details.
We put Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, for me a PERFECT example of ZETTI, on pause while Riley reached in grabbed FOUR pieces of paper.

She was very excited about the winners!
OH, right, you want to KNOW who won........
This drawing was witness by Mary and Riley. Congratulations!!!
Email me your snail address and.............................
Your gifties will be in the post tomorrow.


  1. Oh my, I was so surprised to see my name as being one of the winners! WooHoo!!!! Thank you Riley!!!! for drawing my name and you too Bea for having the giveaway of course. I will email you my snail mail address. Thank you very much!!!!

  2. YAYAYAY Yvonne, LOL, Mary said it was fun and Riley certainly had fun doing it. I just hope she doesn't think this is a regular activity on Sunday mornings! :)Bea

  3. I thought I had your email, but I guess not, so I'm posting my snail mail address here Bea.
    Yvonne Quarles
    PO Box 197
    Riviera, Tx. 78379
    Thanks again! I love winning goodies!! :)

  4. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Do you mean MOI???? How cool is that?!


  5. Yes, YOU! lol Very cool and I have your address already, Janet. :)Bea

  6. There are a kajillion Lisa's.
    But only one me.
    Is it me?

    Sorry I'm so late in responding, but I only started to read (had to make a post)

    If it's not this Lisa, then... Hurray for the other!

  7. Awww Lisa you are the Kajillion and one and YES IT'S YOU!!! Silly goose, you are the only LISA that left a comment on that 700th post.
    So, email your snail addy AGAIN, I know, I know but I'm old and I lose things.


  8. Oh it's meeee. Thank you Riley, you're a star. You know my snail mail addy, or have you lost it??

    I will do your postcard when I have my studio....

    A lovely post with super Riley photos!