Saturday, October 31, 2009

End of October

All the little ghosts and goblins should be tucked into bed by now, parents combing through the Trick or Treat bags, for goodies. We had dinner and took in the movie, Amelia. It was good.
If we hadn't wanted to actually go to the movie theater for a change I probably would have waited for it to hit the rental store.

I was more interested in the promos for the movie AVATAR. Now, THAT looked cool.

You know what to do, DREAM about CREATING! :)Bea


  1. Love your header. Love your pot people photo too.
    Well, I helped at the trunk or treat tonihgt and the best little one's costume was a little boy who was dressed up like a John Deere Tractor. It was made out of cardboard and it was held up by suspenders so he could walk without any problem. Sooooo cute! I got tons of pictures! Had a great time and when I got home Gene was busy handing out treats to little ones who came by the house. Busy little town!!!! Everyone seemed to be having family fun times together!

  2. Oh, I didn't know what trunk or treat was either until this year. Apparently it is popular all over. They got the idea 3 years ago from Parents magazine. It took place at the school. 4H, Honor society, churches, parents and whoever is approved pulls their vehicle up into a specified area with their trunks facing in. The candy and decorations are in the trunk or back of the pick up, and it is all decorated and you are in costume. The kids and their parents come and they go around and trunk or treat...safely. Everyone visits, music is playing, pictures are taken. We peobably had 60 kids or more there with their families plus all of us who helped, teachers etc. It was from 5-7pm. It was really fun for all! So that's trunk or treat! Some of those kids still go trick or treat at homes in town.

  3. Well, that's certainly a safe way for the kids to have some fun. I'm glad they still go door to door too. The Trunk and Treat might provide some fun for kids that can't go door to door in the neighborhood where they live? Thank you for helping out there, that was sweet of you. :)Bea

  4. I love your little pot men, they are like Bill and Ben, a childrens tv show from many years ago. Glad you enjoyed the movie, I must watch out for Avatar!