Thursday, October 15, 2009

Come sit a spell with me.

Still no word about my mystery birthday gift. Nobody has fessed up. The magical book and envelope still sit on my desk. I enjoy looking at them and frankly my birthday is still a ways off so I figure I can leave it here until then.

Random Acts of Kindness

Come sit with me and share something you did, in the spur of the moment, for some one else. Leave it in the comment section if you want. I almost always answer all my comments. I would really love to hear about it.

I love the idea of Random Acts of Kindness.

I remember when my children were little the local mall had a "Wish" Christmas tree. Hanging from the branches with red and green yarn, were little envelopes. You took an envelope and made a promise or pact to buy the "wish" and bring it back to put under the tree. My kids all took an age appropriate wish envelope and hurried off to buy the gift for that unknown child.

I remember one year at a local elementary school. I had volunteered myself to be a "reader" for one of the kindergarten classes. The teacher and I had worked out a system where I took a child that needed some extra attention, to the library and there they sat on my lap, in a big old rocking chair and we read books together. They got some cuddle time and special attention time from me. The teacher had been skeptical about this idea, of mine. He thought I was just some flaky woman that would show up a few times then bug out on the kids.
I came twice a week from September to December. I read to six different children.
I asked him, as we got close to the holiday break if I could have the addresses of the kids that I had been reading to. I told him I wanted to put together a package of books to mail them, from Santa.
He hemmed and hawed, scribbling on his notepad, then finally said, "I have to go get something from the teacher's room. I'll be right back. Please try not to look at anything on my desk."
He left the room.

I wasn't born under a turnip leaf. I moved around his desk, looked at the notepad, scribbled down the addresses and went home to mail off some boxes for Santa.

I read to the kids at that school for three years until one day I walked into the library and the rocking chair was gone. Teachers were no longer allowed to give hugs. A security check would have to be done on me if I wanted to continue to "help" at the school. Our world went into lock down mode.
The kindergarten teacher died of AIDS that year.
The number of people at his funeral was overwhelming.
He died in his 30s, much to young.

I love to hear of people's Random Acts of Kindness. I know one man that sent an entire family from Mississippi to Disney World. I watched a woman, in line, ahead of me, in Target pay for another woman's diapers. She didn't have enough money and as the woman who paid, told the clerk, "Hey, I've been there."
I know a woman that makes little itty bitty baby undershirts for the prenatal babies at the hospital. She doesn't sew her name into the shirts, she just makes them and donates them.
I know another woman that makes beautiful little quilts for mothers that have lost babies. Something for them to hold in their grief.
I know a man who drops off hats and mittens to schools, with the school nurse, so somebody that needs a warm head and hands will get them.

There are so many people, out there in the world, quietly doing RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS. More and more every day and you know why?
Because we know it's the right thing to do.
We know that WE feel better when we do something unexpected and from our hearts with NO THOUGHT TO BEING HONORED for it, no reward for our action except knowing that it's a good thing.

You know sometimes I wish I could watch a news channel that ONLY told me about what great, wonderful and small, things that human beings were doing, for other human beings.
I would watch, honest.

I would sit in my chair and smile and probably cry. It would make me so proud to be a human being.

A smile at someone can be an Act of Kindness.

A winter snowsuit and jacket donated to a local school,
buying a hot meal for somebody that hasn't eaten,
look around you, use your creativity, try for one RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS a month, then try for one a week, keep upping yourself.

Like looking for shadow pictures, change the focus of your day, your mind, your eyes and look for those opportunities.

Remember, you are creating to express your soul and your soul loves you for it. :)Bea


  1. As always I love your posts. My daddy always told me to do random acts of kindness and do them, if we could, anonymously. I think many people do that, so we never know who those "earth angels" are.

  2. Yvonne what a wonderful father you had and probably mother too. I'm so glad you enjoy my posts. I feel like we are sitting at my kitchen table having some pumpkin cake and tea and just talking, you know? :)Bea

  3. Yes, I know what you mean. And if you're having pumpkin cake I'll be right over!!!! :) It's one of my favorites!!!

  4. LOL I did pick up some apple cider donuts today on my Art Play Day. They might taste mighty good too. :)Bea

  5. Apple cider donuts!!!! Never heard of those, but I'll bet those would be my NEW favorites!!!! LOL OMGoodness those sound good! :) Now, how far is Verona from Texas????? LOL

  6. What a superb post Bea. I do try to do random acts of kindness. I have always been a 'smiler' and when I worked in a bank, I took great pleasure in trying to make every customer leave my till with a spring in his/her step. It made me feel so good too.

    Recently, someone in front of me in a queue at the airport didn't have enough change for their purchases. They were only a little bit short, so I gave them the bit missing. It was only a little, but they were thrilled so I was thrilled too.