Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blue Skies, nothing but blue skies do I see...............

Heavy fog this morning and some frost and then BLUE SKIES!!!!!! I'm like a little kid. I am so happy to have a sunny day with a beautiful blue sky and it's in the upper 50s. I'm smiling all the time. CAN YOU SEE MY SMILE?
Ok, this just cracks me up. I mean how can you not giggle when you see something like that? I caught Riley this morning when Mary was in the process of getting her dressed. Riley was not impressed with the flash.

I know I said I wouldn't show any more pictures of the studio but I am because I love this floor and I am so proud of the job that Jason did. He's going to use a picture of the floor for his web site. I hope it brings him lots of business. What a nice young man he was and such a hard worker. Oh, and a good eater too. He and John finished off the Taco lasagna that I made for them while I was on my "girlie" weekend. That was a 9x13 pan!!

I'm on my lunch break, right now. As soon as I finish here I am back to loading up the tractor wagon and hauling things over to the studio. ooooooooooooooh that is so much fun to say.

I've been getting requests from people to join an Art Swap. As much as I would love to participate, at this point in time, I really have to say no. I can't start working on projects until I get set up. Honestly, I wish I could it would be wonderful to have art work from so many wonderful artists. I hope it's done again. I would love to participate in the future.

I have projects, in my head, that I have been dreaming about, at night. They are already done and finished and I haven't even started on them yet. That reminds me of some science fiction book or show. Maybe something from Harry Potter? Anyway, as soon as I am in place, in the new studio, I need to get to work on them.

Thank you, friends, for thinking of me for the Art Project.
Thank you also for the wonderful emails and comments wishing me best wishes on my birthday. I had a lovely day. Last night Mary, Riley, John and I all went out for some wonderful Indian food. There are left overs for tonight which is always great. Now, if they would just put a giant HD screen and show Bollywood dancing to go with the music I would be sooooooooo happy.

Watching So You Think Can Dance on television, last night. Ooooooooh boy can those kids dance. I absolutely hate to see any voted off. They are all so talented and focused. I hope that all of them find ways to continue their dream to dance for as long as they can.

It is always amazing to me how beautiful music, a certain voice, a poem, a story, certain art work and even a solo dance number can bring tears to my eyes. I don't know what cellular memory it stirs, what lifetime, what emotion but it happens and it's beautiful.

I hope you all have a beautiful day and find something creative to do.
You know why, right? Sure you do? :)Bea


  1. I love the look of your studio, the floor he did a great job. Now how do you make taco lasagna sounds great.

  2. Lee, it's so simple. I think I saw it on a box or something and thought, why buy the box when I can just make it myself.
    I use a package of flour tortillas, a large jar of Pace sauce, jack cheese, shredded, can of drained washed, black beans and a package of Taco mix with 1 pound of cooked hamburger and a 12x13 pan.
    I cook up the hamburger, add the taco mix and cook it down a little.
    Then I just start layering everything, the tortillas on the bottom them some taco mix, little sauce, another layer of tortillas then beans and cheese, and so on.
    I bake it at 350 for half hour and it's good to go. You can add the usual, shredded cheese, lettuce, sour cream or sliced olives, whatever you like. I've seen my boys eat it for breakfast, heated up. :)Bea

  3. Wow, the studio looks great.
    Upper 50's there? Good...beautiful here as well.
    Your grandbaby just makes me smile when I see her smile. :) Nothing like a baby's smile/laugh.
    Your Taco dish is similar to one I make. We eat lots of Mexican down here.
    Enjoy those blue skies Bea!

  4. Oh Bea, that photo of Riley is fabulous and she is like Kitty, isn't she? Such a great face.

    Your studio is just wonderful, wonderful fabulous dabulous. How you will love working in there. I love that yellow. I might have it in my studio too. It's the kind of yellow I like, not the lemony colour but rich and vibrant.

    I can't find enough people to do the art swap so will have to decline too. Too many of us know the same people!

    I watch 'Strictly Come Dancing' which is on on Saturday nights and I love it. I'm making a new rug in greens and turquoises. In wool, latch hook style.


  5. Thanks Yvonne, she is a sweetie pie. I think tomorrow is going to be blue sky too. WHOOHOOO :)Bea

  6. Gina, is your dancing show young dancers? We have two going on right now, one is Dancing with the Stars, which is rather painful to watch, in the beginning. After they weed the really bad dancing stars off it get a little better but it doesn't even come close to So You Think Can Dance. :)Bea

  7. Gorgeous! I live with rugs....not fun when I get carried away. Ho hum!

  8. gosh what a gorgeous studio!

  9. oh and yeah - one adorable baby!!

  10. Renee, I used to have wall to wall in my sewing studio, in the old house. Pins? Thread? Add some paint and bad, bad, Bea. :)Bea

  11. Oh Mim, if you are EVER up in Wisconsin you have to come and visit me and we can PLAY in the studio. Wouldn't that be fun? :)Bea

    P.S. I think she's a cutie too. :)

  12. Bea, they are all ages, the contestants, but adult really. Some of them end up absolutely brilliant, it's hard to see who is the professional.

  13. Love it! And I love the color of the walls - perfect choice - one of my favorites. My last house had the whole center hall that color - I never tired of it.