Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What big teeth you have, Mr. Wulfie?

Hmmm, the photo is because it's one of the things I thought about while sitting in the dentist's chair, for over an hour, having some teeth sawed down. That was in preparation for a temporary bridge. The real thing gets put in a few weeks from now.
Most of the time I don't mentally feel over 60.
Getting a bridge makes me think of my grandmother.
I forget I'm a grandmother.
I don't like the sound of sawing, in my head. I suppose if I put in ear plugs it would sound even louder. I did get a pair of dark sunglasses to wear. Of course, the dentist and her assistant were practically dressed in surgical scrubs, latex gloves and masks.
It would be nice to replace the amazingly bright light, they use with a tanning light. Actually, that's one of the many and I mean many thoughts that crossed my mind while they sawed away at my teeth. Have to get a good fit for the bridge.
I did mental lists of where things would go in the new studio.
I recited Mother Goose rhymes in my head.
I repeated LooseyGoosey over and over. Surprisingly, it is a good one for keeping my focus for five seconds.
I flashed back to when my daughter, now 26, was four years old and we walked up to the local bakery every morning. I was into bartering that year and had made a deal with the owner, Janet, that I would maintain her large, old fashion windows with plants and get my coffee and donut free.
My friendship with Janet grew over the summer months. She was a Bahi. The only other Bahi I had known was my yoga instructor.
Janet had arrived here from Texas with her three daughters and her son, a bread supplier who had helped set her up, in her bakery business.
When the coffee shop got busy I would help out behind the counter, making and getting coffee for people and wrapping up their donuts. I left the actual operating of the cash register to Janet.
When things were slow, Janet held Mary on her lap and talked about her life in Texas. She felt a bond with Mary because we had adopted her from Texas when she was four weeks old.
Janet painted with acrylics. She was the first person I had ever met that used acrylics instead of oils. She always told me I should try them and I would see how wonderful they were.
Mary went off to preschool the next year, I went on a diet and I lost touch with Janet. As it does, years went by and one day I met a friend, in the mall that told me that Janet had died of cancer. I was shocked. She was only in her 50's. At that time in my life I hadn't had many friends die of cancer.
Sadly, that's not true anymore.
I also learned that one of Janet's daughters, college aged, had also died of cancer. Her oldest daughter had ended up in prison but her son and remaining daughter were doing well.
So, as the dentist sawed down my teeth, stuffed disgusting tasting plastic/rubber mixture, in my mouth, to make molds I remembered Janet and how much fun we had talking and playing THE REMEMBERING game.
That's where we put a quarter on the table and turned our back to the donut case and recite off the exact order of donuts, from the top shelf, to the bottom. Of course, she always won, she put the donuts in the case.
But, Janet, I think I might have won today. I think over the sound of the drill I saw and named every single donut in that case.
I think that quarter is mine, girl.
I miss you.


  1. This one brought tears Bea. I can relate, as many of us can I'm afraid.

  2. I to can relate...also to the dentist for a bridge which I just got last year...funny when my grandmother got one I thought jeez she must be really old....I hate the dentist, on my card it says, very nervous patient, hold hand

  3. Thanks Yvonne and Lee for stopping by. Isn't it funny how things that we thought only OLD people had done or did now some of us are actually doing!!!
    I'm not ready for it.
    The assistant kept patting my shoulder during the visit. But, that really didn't do it to dull the SOUND! :)Bea

  4. Anonymous6:37 PM

    (((((((((((((Bea)))))))))))) I usually think of quilts when I'm in the dentist's chair. It helps.


  5. Hi Bea, I had an idea about your stories before (I think it was the one with your granddaughter and the horse)and now this story made me reimagine it...
    We should get you published!
    It could be a collaborative project. You could gather your stories and we could match art to them. Someone has to know how people go about doing these things.
    I think a lot of people would love a book like that...we are sitting on a gold mine!
    xox, Lisa

  6. I tried Janet, Lord knows I tried but the noise, the sawing and the sawing............... lolol :)Bea

  7. Awwww, Lisa that's so sweet. I have a friend that wanted to do the artwork for a children's book about my story about Lavender & Lele. We'll see what happens with that.
    I just enjoy sharing a little bit of me with you guys. :)Bea