Friday, September 25, 2009

Update on the studio

This is the wall facing West and looks out towards the driveway, my garden and the house. I have two huge bookcases that John had built for his first office. I plan to paint the two of them maybe aqua or lavender and put them on either side of those windows. That should take care of the question of where to put all those quilting and mixed media books.
When John gets time I would really like him to build a bench for under the windows. I can cover a cushion for the top and use the bottom for more storage, maybe magazines, goodness knows I have enough of those too.

The picture above is from the far corner of the East wall looking into the room. There is a great echo in the whole room right now. I could hear the guys singing some Mexican song while they were working.
Where the scaffolding is on the right is my where my design board will go and that corner will be the sewing area. To the left of those windows, which look out into the woods will be my bins for fabric. Since I can't manage to fit the fabric I have now into those bins I'll either be sewing up a storm, of baby quilts for the Children's Hospital, this winter, or donating a lot of fabric to Goodwill.

Yesterday, two guys arrived in the morning to toss all the unused wall board out the window and load it onto a truck. In the afternoon two different guys arrived to do the taping and mud work. I think that's the right word for putting the stuff on the tape.
You can see from the picture directly above the door entrance and little window to the right. John's going to put glass block in that. It will let light into the stair step area. Those windows on the wall to the right look out to the East and the back tree line, apple orchard and the beginning of the woods.
Now, from now on I'll put the updates in an album and if you are interested you can pop over there to see what's new. I don't want this to sound like bragging on my part. I'm just so excited I can hardly contain myself. breathe
I WAS THINKING............. it's at this point that John gets that worried look on his face....................that the stair steps are a PERFECT place to have some fun. I have some small chairs and that's what got me thinking about the stairwell as being "Dorothy's rabbit hole".
I could have some things on the wall, like a little shelf with an empty jar of marmalade. A little shelf type table on the landing with a little bottle of Drink Me on it. I would love to find an old barn sash window and put a poster of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter behind it, as if he was looking into the hole. And, here's the best part, running up the corner up to the ceiling of the stairwell a pair of stuffed legs in stripped tights, Alice's legs, silly!
It works, it really works, stay with me here. The door to the studio is labeled, DOG IN THE HOLE...................get it? I could paint other doors on the walls at different heights........TOAD IN THE HOLE................etc. you get the idea. Paint a tree with the Cheshire Cat smiling down at you................
Ok, I know I need more sleep but I am loving this idea. What's more fun to walk up the steps to the studio feeling like you are about to enter a different world. Not a serious world a world of fun and play no matter what size you are.
Now, I'm off to Minnesota for the weekend and I really hope to be able to use Justin's computer and check in with ya all. If not, be good and if you can't be good at least try to be creative. Have a great weekend. :)Bea


  1. I think you have a wonderful, fun idea. It's your go for it. It will be great! LOL You want your studio to fit your personality.

  2. good lord, bea!! this is a cathedral, not a studio!!!!! wow, it's *incredibly* lovely...

    happy weekend to you!


  3. what a wonderful space. I love it for a creative space but it also looks like quite the sanctuary to me - I'd put a futon there, and hang out with books and a cup of tea...

  4. Thanks guys, I'm very grateful for this space. I'm hoping that after I get it set up I can have fellow art friends over to enjoy playing in there. :)Bea

  5. That is a beautiful space. A lot of creativity will go on in there!

  6. This is wonderful. I wish I could come play when all is finished. You are a lucky woman!

  7. Oh this is beautiful Bea. What an excellent place to get lost in creativity. Or to just get lost in. LOL!!

  8. What a gorgeous space!! Can't wait to see what it will look like when done! Very cool!

  9. This space already looks spectacular. It is going to be so inspiring.

  10. Thank you everybody. BLUSH....
    I honestly wish I could share this wonderful space with all of you. Can you imagine the fun we would have. Since that can't happen right now we'll continue to share what we are working on, ok? YAYAYAYAYAY :)Bea