Sunday, September 13, 2009

So what do you see out those windows?

I knew somebody was going to ask so I thought I would beat you to it. This is looking out the windows on the East side of the building. The grass is starting to look a little sad because we haven't had any rain for a couple of weeks. The prairie flowers and grasses are at seed stage and looking rather brown and ratty, but the birds still love them.
This is the view of the pond and prairie areas from the South side. Again nothing to get to excited about right now. The tree line runs along the boundary line. It's a mix of Black Walnuts and Oaks.
That stick in the middle of the pond is for a nesting box for Wood Ducks.
Another project still in the works, as is the pond.

This view is from the West windows and looks out on part of my garden, the driveway and the garage. All those rocks that line the driveway wall came from the yard. Remember, this is where the glacier stopped. Well, the glacier stopped a few miles back behind us but all the debris it was pushing in front of it stopped right here. Across the road it's called the unglaciated area. Makes me wonder how far some of these rocks and boulders traveled.

This is the view from the North windows right into our woods. The whole second floor of the barn is the studio and it's like being in a tree house. Some day a really, really nice tree house.
So, as work progresses I will share the updates. :)Bea


  1. How nice and how interesting!

  2. I love your new header.

  3. Thanks Yvonne. It looks kind of dreary out there right now, we need rain. All that lushness is gone. :)Bea

  4. Thanks Trudi, that was a picture from my Prairie walk. It just begs to be made into a landscape art quilt. :)Bea