Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday morning soccer.

It's been a couple of years since I've gotten up early to watch kids and soccer. This morning after some relatively bad coffee at the motel I watched my grandchildren run around an indoor soccer field. My granddaughter, Hayden, age 9, has potential to be a good soccer player but her interest right now seems to be on how she looks, soccer shirt tied behind her back to look more slimming, hair loose and flying. Hunter was right on top of the ball but unhappy when kicked or elbowed by a fellow player. At 7 he didn't feel that was very nice playing. Sawyer, at 4 was just delighted to be included in the activity. He ran and ran, avoiding players and the ball and just enjoying the joy of running. I of course, being the good grandmother took pictures but left the camera bag with the cord for the computer, in the motel room. So, no pictures for you.

Justin is as sweet as his father. We were driving back from the soccer place and I said, "Oh, look at the steam rising off of that sod farm. Next thing I know he's stopped the car and is backing up so I can get a picture of it. Good man!

Tonight, apparently there is some sort of bumper car driving and pizza. I think I will be on photo detail again. Getting in and out of a bumper car at my age and size might not be pretty. Besides somebody needs to take care of the baby!

OK, I'm off to take a walk and see what photos need to be taken. I've brought my sketchbook with me so I'm going to try to draw some of these ideas popping around in my head. Be creative and thank you all for stopping by to visit with me. I appreciate it. :)Bea


  1. Indoor soccer 4 years old and that's the age where they have such a sense of wonder. Then I think we start getting it back when we get over 50. :) I take my camera everywhere too. Yes, get those ideas down so you will be ready when your studio is. :)

  2. indoor soccer? wow again. Never heard of that.
    I used to watch my niece and nephew play soccer when they were little. Jody would stand exactly where they put her, and would pick daisies and twirl her hair. it was adorable.

  3. Indoor soccer is big around Wisconsin and Minnesota maybe even Illinois too. I also met some Broom players at the motel. They play a form of lacrosse/hockey on ice with special push type brooms that are stiff and they were special shoes that have cleats that dig into the ice. It's very fast and physical. :)Bea