Friday, September 11, 2009


This gorgeous quilt was made by a dear friend of mine, Janet.
She designed it, sewed, appliqued and hand quilted it. It was worth going to the quilt show to see it in person.
Of course, I had my little pocket camera with me and it has a problem with blurry pictures when I'm hurried or being bumped.
I put together an album of photos that I took of the quilts.
I didn't always get a chance to take a picture of the entire quilt, there were just too many people.
I generally don't take pictures of quilts that I've seen in kits or books. I tend to like bright colors and if something catches my eye I take a picture of it.
I couldn't even get pictures of the one of the first isles of quilts, just way to many people milling about.
So, enjoy, put it on slideshow, increase the seconds a little and enjoy your tea.


  1. Anonymous2:07 PM


    Thank you for braving the crowds! You've seen it in the works, so I'm glad you had the chance to see it finished. :)


  2. It was worth it. I wish my photo had come out clearer. Honestly, there were so many people looking at it I really had a hard time getting a good clean shot. :)Bea

  3. oh my goodness, the talent! those quilts are just amazing - I can't get over them. One after the other of gorgeous quilts.

  4. Janet, I'm looking forward to seeing it today. Bea, Mom and I are going this morning. I'm hoping it's not as nuts as when you went. I love the fact that women have an artist outlet that blends the nurturer and the artist.


  5. Enjoy, Donna. I expect it will be pretty crowded. There are lots of places to sit and I saw a lot of people with walkers. I drank my Coke while listening to a free demo from some lady in the back of the center.
    The quilts are amazing. Quite a lot of talent this year.

  6. Mim while I was taking a picture of one of the beautiful whole cloth quilts someone next to me asked me if I would ever do something like that. I replied no but that as long as I had a quilt show to come to I would appreciate looking at their work. :)Bea

  7. Bea, thanks so much for stopping by and letting me know about the quilt show album! The quilts are just gorgeous! Janet's quilt is wonderful-I love how the leaf wreaths have "jumped" their boundaries. Janet's quilt and the two whole cloth, all quilted ones (one by hand and one by machine) are definitely this traditional girl's favorites!

  8. Anonymous6:52 AM

    Thanks for your kind words, Miri!