Monday, September 28, 2009

Ooooh wait to you see what I got.

The brown envelope, long and thick arrived in my mailbox, last week.
I could have opened it right away. I know she would have wanted me to open it right away. I didn't.
I studied it.
Printed in black ink Bea (not Beatrice) and my address, all the letters so carefully written.
I turned the envelope over and the envelope which tied together was secured by a stamp with the initial L on it.
I waited to open it. I waited until I got home from my trip. Then I poured a glass of wine and opened my brown heavy envelope.
Ooooooooh Lisa..................I LOVE THE CARD.
Yes, yes, yes I will use it in art work.
I LOVE LAVENDER, well you knew that from my story.....................
BUT, this wonderful, beautiful bookmark with your lovely nature goddess with the vine for her locks, her beautiful flower in her hair, her heart and her hands in prayer.
She will hold a place in my meditation bowl. She will sit among my healing stones and small folded papers with names of those who have requested healing prayers.
She and I will work together. I will pull out a folded piece of paper and she and I will surround the name with light and energy. We will hold the person is healing love and light. She has her work cut out for her.


  1. Welcome back home, Bea and talk about anticipation! I remember how long it took you to open the envie I sent you. ACK!!! I guess I lack patience. Is that what one needs to put off opening an envelope that you know holds exciting goods? I have will power but my heart is weak when it comes to art. sigh. Love what you got!

  2. Hey, Linda! I've learned over time that gifties and special packages are rare and to be given all the special attention they deserve.
    I know how much love and energy went into the artist making and packing it up. I want to be sure that I give back the same. Everybody knows that when I get something that has to be opened it will be opened with my FULL ATTENTION and appreciated at it's fullest. :)Bea

    PS Bugs the heck out of people.

  3. Thank you Bea(utiful) for the story. And the free advertising.
    I want to put your post on my blog as a lesson in manners...although you went above and beyond, as I suspect you do in everything.
    May I?
    A Big Fat Hug 4 you,