Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I made a Pumpkin cake and a coffee cake yesterday. The Pumpkin cake was for dessert after we had Wild Rice Soup with corn bread. The coffee cake was for this morning. It's a busy morning on Tuesday's and I find everybody seems to appreciate grabbing a slice of homemade coffee cake and coffee on their way out the door.
I announced to all the occupants of this house that the COFFEE CAKE WAS OFF BOUNDS until Tuesday morning. STAY OUT OF THE COFFEE CAKE.
Grumblings were heard but three people understood what "she who must be obeyed" had said.
One person didn't think that particular announcement applied to him. But, just in case he very creatively took care of the problem of having a slice of coffee cake.

After doing my errands this morning I took a different side road home.
TIS the season for large orange things.
I came across these two different pumpkin stands by the roadside.
Sara takes her business very seriously. I just love her signs.

Ok, I know EVERYBODY thinks their grandchildren are adorable.
BUT, LOOK AT THAT OUTFIT! It just cracks me up. I loved how she looked this morning on her way off to daycare. Riley is now three months old.
On my little road trip this morning I passed a park, out in a field, that I have gone by for 8 years. I've never stopped. I have admired the stone fence and often seen school busses with children milling around in the park.
Today seemed like the right time to stop and walk around and I'm so glad I did. I took pictures of the prairie plants and the informational signs that were posted along the trail.
Apparently, the park worked with the Wisconsin Historical Society and they created some really interesting signs about the history of my particular areas. If you are interested here is the link to the album:
Enjoy your day! Hope you have a creative one. :)Bea


  1. That coffee cake sure does look delish--- and your grand daughter looks so sweet! Oooh, I love a little girl in tights and pink!~

  2. Oh my talk about comfort food. You should post some recipes.:)
    The pumpkins look so pretty. I love to see them this time of year. I'm going to try to grow some my self next year.
    Your grandbaby is the sweetest thing!:)
    I love your slideshow and the rock walls are great. The rocks are big. Our rock walls in the hill country have much smaller limestone rocks in them. Always enjoy your posts and your pics.

  3. Looks like you aren't the only one who is creative...Lol, the only way to fix his wagon is not to bake 2 things...or maybe he would fill in the gap with something less dignified,
    Like caulk??
    At least he loves your kitchen creations.
    Your daughter also created a piece of art...nothing better than a baby!
    xox, Lisa

  4. Thanks Heather, it was the tights that got me laughing. She is so much fun, right now. :)Bea

  5. Thanks Yvonne. Those rocks in that wall are the same ones that were in the hill where we built our house. When they dug down and pulled them all out we lined our driveway with them. They are HUGE.
    I stroke them when I walk by them, wondering where they originally lived. :)Bea

  6. Lisa, he is always doing something unexpected. He makes me laugh, daily. THAT'S a VERY GOOD THING. :)Bea

  7. ok....your grand daughter is ADORABLE....and down the road from me is GENE THE PUMPKIN MAN...who's taken the business very seriously, was featured in a second grade social studies text, and drives an orange car, wears an orange hat, and has a zillion pumpkins with tons of kids crawling around picking their favorites. maybe i'll have to go "shoot him" WITH THE CAMERA.

  8. LOLOLOLSnort ok NANCY, you're ON.
    I want to see Gene The Pumpkin Man.
    Especially the orange car! lol :)Bea