Monday, September 21, 2009

Misty Moisty Morning

There was fog which called to me to hurry up and drop off Murphy at puppy day care and travel the back roads. I expected to get more mist rising shots but it wasn't that kind of fog, just damp, cool and gray. I did add what photographs I took to:
So, if you are interested you can click on those links. I suggest the slide show and increase the seconds to 4 or 5. No captions necessary. This is just my take on the beautiful countryside where I live.
Sometimes when I am taking a photo the scene reminds me I could be in Pennsylvania, New York, New England or quite a few other places.
I guess that's why I felt comfortable when I realized we were going to be settling out here for some time. It felt familiar to me.
Believe it or not I am still PLANTING plants. It got away from me this year.
They will do fine getting into the ground this late. They are perennial grasses and very hardy.

I started washing some of the fabric that I had stored in the basement.
I was going through it piling up, on the couch, what I would keep and what I would give away. When I had finished with three loads of just blues, I turned to John, peering over the MOUNTAIN of fabric on the save pile and announced to him that I was just a fabric slut.
I think there were perhaps, four pieces of fabric in the give away pile. And, there is one there that has gone back and forth from one pile to the other twice now.
I guess I really wouldn't have bought the fabric in the first place if I didn't like it. For the most part that hasn't changed. I tell myself that when I have the new studio finished that I will be working on projects and use up this fabric.
Who am I kidding. I'll have to be working, on projects, until I'm in my 90's.
I'm letting the disposal of my fabric and art supplies be my children's worry, not mine. There I said it and if they read my blog they would be forewarned.

I measured the wall space up in the new studio. I had to pinch myself to believe it. There is over six feet of usable space on either side of the windows. Right now I have those plastic snap together shelving, in the garage. Not the prettiest but it allows me to put my supplies in clear plastic boxes and see what I have.
Now, I'm thinking that lower shelving will still do the work and free up wall space for display. That's exciting. Lower shelving will also provide me with counter top work space which is always needed.

I'm starting to dream of finished projects. That means when I get set up I better get going. They are just waiting to be born into reality!
I think I need a new pair of sneakers.


  1. aw, our secret midwestern scenes...i totally enjoyed the slideshow, great shots!! such a beautiful place we share, all of these could be right around kalamazoo...soooo similiar...and of course, unlike me, you had your camera and the chip. really beautiful...thanks. neva

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  3. Love your slideshows. Love trees. As far as the the end, the one with the most fabric WINS???

  4. Thanks Neva and Yvonne. I'm glad you enjoyed them. I certainly enjoyed taking them. Although few cars passed me, on these back roads, the few that did all waved. They seemed pleased that somebody was enjoying their "space" too. :)Bea

  5. Of course you will be working into your 90's, Bea! I just bought a gorgeous crocheted rug, ansome of those handy dish towel (the kind you button onto your stove) from a 92 year old woman.
    Plus, what would I do without you?
    xox, Lisa