Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Last Day of Summer Twenty

Well, dear readers, a Happy Autumn Equinox to you.

Here's the Zetti Choir singing their praises about THE NUMBER TWENTY SUMMER.

I've mentioned this before................. On June 21st at 1:45 am, number 20, of my remaining summers started.

Simply stated, expressions like LIVE EACH DAY LIKE IT'S YOUR LAST didn't really do it for me. Then one day I heard someone say, TWENTY SUMMERS and it just hit me, Big Time. Goddess willing I get 20 summers. Wisconsin summer are short. They don't last a very long time. We tend to try to pack a LOT into our summers. So, that's what I decided I was going to try to do, really LIVE each summer to it's fullest. If I'm lucky and stay healthy I may get more than 20 summers. Maybe I only get one, this past one. Whatever are in the cards I will know that I grabbed summer and held on fast.

Today, SUMMER TWENTY is over.

That's it. Done. And, now I look back and smile because I did LIVE each day with gratitude and joy. I did make it special and even if it was ordinary I enjoyed it.

To sum up, mainly for myself I CELEBRATED,


Justin & Shari's ANNIVERSARY, James & Caitlin's ANNIVERSARY and John & My 40th ANNIVERSARY.

Hayden's BIRTHDAY, Riley was born, SAWYER's Birthday, HUNTER'S Birthday, my mother's 83rd BIRTHDAY and JOHN'S Birthday.

My Lilies were absolutely gorgeous this year, my roses until the beetles hit, my lettuce was wonderful and my grapes amazing.

I made PLUM CHUTNEY from my plums. Tomato sauce from my tomatoes and ate all the Blackberries before I got them back to the house.

I received giftie packages from Gina in Ireland and Linda in California.


Pets lost this summer numbered two, a turtle and a cat. Neither of them mine.

I got a wonderful new camera and I LOVE IT and have taken more pictures than I have ever taken in my life.

I saw two coyotes in my yard, a Blue Heron in the pond, a snake in my wood chip pile, Deer frolicking in the pond and yard and Turkeys meandering around the apple orchard.

I had my ENTIRE FAMILY here, for their vacation.

My husband, sons and grandsons got to go to a BASEBALL GAME in Milwaukee.

Hudson the dog, joined my son's family.

Murphy turned one year old.


I had breakfast at the Union with my sweetie pie, Zeus.

Miss Stellwagon would be proud of me.

We painted a room the color of marmalade and tiled the floor.


I took a number of online classes, Petite Doll and Lil Red & Wulfie from SusieBlu and Layer Love from Julie Prichard.

I made and traded fiber postcards with some artists.

I wandered down new roads and found some great trees, barns, fields of sunflowers, prairies and scenery.

I took some great sunset and sunrise photographs.

I took time out to sit and think about things, lie on the ground with Murphy and watch the clouds, take after dinner drives with my husband, go get ice cream cones with my granddaughter, swim in the pool, watch the Swallows fly around me while I cut grass and rescue frogs from the pool filter.

I'm happy, centered, grounded, pleased with life, above ground and happy for that. I'm healthy and my new knees take me places I haven't been able to get to for ten years.

I have 27 people that have been willing to commit, to being one of my blog followers and that's a very nice surprise.
I've committed to posting in my blog on a regular basis. I've discovered that I enjoy writing and may even have a gift for story telling. That's nice to know.

I'm getting very close, I think only 9 more posts, to the 700th blog post.
Stay tuned there is a give away to be announced.

I've made new friends and I've kept the old.
I watched one of my oldest friends pack up her car and move on to an exciting new life.

We had friends over to relax around and in the pool, play and eat with us.

My summer was focused around my family and friends. Winter is my time to give back to my community.
After this winter I will be ready for SUMMER 19.



  1. Good for you, I think you had a wonderful summer because you MADE it that way. I have often thought of this, just having so many years left and when you think of it that way you live a little different. So, make live each day and enjoy those little things. When I was in a wreck at 18 I came to that realization but sometimes I forget, and you just reminded me again. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Yvonne, I did make an effort to make each day COUNT. I plan to do that with my fall, winter and spring, too but it's the 20 summer's idea that really caught my attention.
    It's funny, too, because when I mention it to anybody that lives in a northern climate they nod their heads and understand immediately what I am talking about. :)Bea

  3. That's awesome! Happy 20 summers down, and many more!

  4. Thanks Heather. :)Bea

  5. Good to hear you had an awesome summer. When you read about all that happened you kinda wonder where it all fit but it did and aren't you a blessed one! Here's to many more awesome summers!

  6. Awwww, thanks Linda. Blogging sure helps to remind me of what has happened. :)Bea

  7. 700?

    Man, I feel so alone here with about 320 for mine. I thought I was prolific at hittign 300 in August, but I know a couple of others who are sitting at the mid 700's and one who is over 1,000.

  8. Awwwww G don't feel badly. I may have started blogging earlier than you did. Think about it, 320! That's a lot. And, you're doing it on a pretty regular basis so you have that going for you. :)Bea