Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's September 23rd can you believe it?

I get a kick out of finding these little shelters built for the children waiting for the school bus. This one has screen windows on two sides and a glass window in the door. I bet it even has storm windows in winter. It's practical, not to fancy but thoughtful. It says a lot about the builder, don't you think?
Today, wait a minute I should say that LOUDER, TODAAAAAAAAAAAAY
the dry wall guys came, they unloaded lots of dry wall and then spent the afternoon working away up in the studio.
I really tried not to get all giggly about it.
It's becoming a reality....................I'm pinching myself right now.............OUCH!
Thank you Zeus.
He's my hero.

My dreams are packed with projects and color. I can't quite make out exactly what they are but there is something rather large and lime green.
There is something that looks like metal and woven.
I keep a pen and paper by the bed but I can't capture what these finished things are.
I see glimpses of scenes, fused on a background, one with a car loaded with pies, pies on the roof, being held down by my hand. I see alligator boots next to a microphone...................
I see elegant Victorian ladies strolling in a park.
And, that's all just in the fiber part of the studio.
It's as if I've kept my imagination locked up for a while waiting to see where
my studio ended up.
Isn't it exciting when you get excited about some creative endeavor?
I hope you made time to create something today. If not, maybe tomorrow?


  1. Right on BEA! Creating is something we all need to get lost in as often as possible. Never let the imagination dry up - keep it alive!
    I love that little structure for the children! So do they jump in cause I didn't see any steps? LOL!!
    You're such a tease about your studio! Lucky woman!

  2. so exciting to have a new studio!

  3. Your sense of wonder fuels your imagination, just like a child. I wish more adults could find it. I get excited knowing you are excited about your studio. :)

  4. Linda, I think there isn't any step because the only time they probably really use it is when there is SNOW. I'm guessing but they probably snowshoe in.
    lolololsnortlololol :)Bea

  5. Aaah, Mim, it's exciting and THIS studio is going to have to be better organized than my other two.
    The other two I just took over empty space and called it my own.
    This one was created FOR ME. You know, that puts some pressure on me to keep it looking nice. sigh :)Bea

  6. Yvonne what a sweet thing to say.
    You just made my day! :)Bea

  7. Oh Bea still Bea's Beating Heart!
    - I am excited - and only for a photo of the finished project! Did you settle on the paint color or are you still mulling it over? I have another on-line friend that just did a studio makeover...she finally settled on a creamy color... one day I TOO will get to choose a paint color I will.
    Didn't get your postcard in the mail yet...can't decide what to send...
    I'll let you know the day I mail it....some time next week.

  8. LOLOL Oh Trudi I have such mixed feelings about talking about the studio. I'm so excited but I don't want to sound like bragging about it. I'm going to stick with the YELLOW BRICK ROAD yellow because I love it and the name. I am going to look at his book of wall textures and see if I might have him do something more interesting than just paint it, you know.
    You should be getting your postcard sometime soon. Nothing fancy just what I'm working on right now. :)Bea