Monday, September 07, 2009

Infinity and beyond...................

"Louie, I'm telling you it was magical."

"Stupid, stupid, stupid, dog."

"No, dude, it was, I was FLYING."


"Picture this, Louie,
car speed, 25 miles as hour.
Winds calm.
Air temperature, perfect.
Weight 19 pounds of pure muscle.
Back window all the way down, they never do that, man.
I had lift.....................I WAS FLYING out that window.
Land, tuck and roll. Just like I've been practicing off the beds.
It was beautiful."

"STUPID DOG you fell out the car window you weren't flying."

"INFINITY AND BEYOND! Hey Louie you can call me Buzz now! :)

p.s. Murphy is fine. No injuries and no car windows down the rest of his car days.


  1. Oh no, LOL, poor Murphy! Same thing happened to our little dog we once had. I'm glad he's okay! It's not funny, but it is, especially since he wasn't hurt and the way you put it! LOL

  2. I'm surprised the little dog wasn't hurt. Usually lightweight dogs and rumbling cars not a good mix make on a summer day.

    But glad that he's okay.

  3. Trust me Yvonne and G it scared the stuffings out of both of us. Thank God there wasn't a car behind us or coming toward us. I don't know what possessed him to do something like that. The only thing I can think of is that a squirrel ran across the road and he saw it and went into DOG mode.
    Lesson learned for these two leggeds, no windows down full tilt.
    Seven large dogs and not one ever felt the need to jump out a window. Off a deck yes but moving car, no. :)Bea

  4. Cleverly written, Bea! LOL! I was actually laughing until I realized from other's comments just how serious this was. Poor baby. I'm glad he's fine and didn't hurt anything. LOL!! Buzz!!! LOL!!!

  5. John and I just stared at each other and Murphy after John put him back in the car. I don't think we spoke or moved for 10 minutes. We just kept checking his parts to make sure he was ok.
    Then we went to the market got LARGE coffee's and a box of donuts and stuffed ourselves and our guilt. It's the American way.
    He was being a puppy and we were being owners that are used to nice old sedate dogs that sit and drool in the car and not much else.
    So, Linda, it's the only way I could tell ya all what happened, from Murphy's point of view. lol

  6. oh my! glad he's ok.

    Funny dog story and car window - will keep it short.

    Labrador in the back seat with his head out of the half-way appropriately opened window. Suddenly I hear 'glug, gluf,gla" and realize that he has put his big paws on the button for "roll up the window" and has his head caught outside and his body inside and he is strangling himself.

    of course it was OK in the end, but I used the child-proof buttons from then on!

  7. WOW! What a cleverly written account of his adventure. I am glad he's okay. How scary though.

  8. Mim, you had me giggling there. It's terrible when things happen to our pets but somehow they are funny too. I'm so glad you lab was ok, very scary.

    Thank you JGR. Sometimes when something is very scary for me I'll distance myself from it and use humor. It's how I keep sane in this world.

    Thanks everybody for stopping by the blog. I appreciate it, you know. :)Bea