Monday, September 21, 2009


I think this was one of the first pictures John sent me right after I met him.
I carried it around with me everywhere. I couldn't get enough of looking at him. I told my mother after my first visit up to Boston that I met the guy I was going to marry.
She said, "That's nice."
It was love at first sight and 41 years later he still makes me smile.
He's not 62 years old or young he is just himself.
He's funny, witty, smart, cute as a button, handy dandy, upright and above ground, lovable and romantic. He firm but fair. He is steady as a rock. He knows how to read people, talk to anybody, have fun, put up with his unpredictable wife and I think the best father and grandfather around.
He's given the winter gloves from his car to someone on the street who needed them more than him.
He's stopped the car to help an inebriated woman get her mattress upstairs to her apartment.
He's done unexpected things for people and always lived up to whatever he said he would do.
He has his faults but they are few. He's my Zeus and I'm his Hera.
Happy Birthday to you, you old goat.


  1. I read everyone else's blog, and your other post (excuse the spelling mistack,lol)
    because I knew it would make me cry.
    You are THE best at putting feelings on paper, ahem.
    I think I have a crush on your husband
    Maybe I'll just vote for him next election.
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. He sounds like a wonderful man, and it's nice to hear you're still so much in love with him. Me too with mine. Aren't we blessed.

  3. Happy Birthday to the birthday man. Toot Toot...that's the party horn! and what a great story.

  4. John thanks you ladies for your good wishes, your vote of confidence and for reading my blog, because it makes me smile and he likes my dimples. :)Bea

  5. love the story of how you met; thanks for sharing it.

  6. That's really a sweet post - I like the fact that he is a god...but human also.

  7. Mim, I have to tease him to remind him that he isn't always the "big black engine" around here. That sometimes he needs help from the "little engine that could".

  8. Thanks for stopping Ludid. I always love to see that icon with the pot of paint brushes. :)Bea