Friday, September 18, 2009

Come swing with me.

It's absolutely gorgeous outside, probably around 78 degrees, blue skies, puffy white clouds, lots to do in the garden, lots to pack up in the garage studio and endless jobs to do in the house.
Am I doing any of them?
I'm sitting or I was sitting outside on the porch swing listening to the Flickers call to one another. I'm watching the windsail windmill go round and round.
I'm SOAKING up these last days of summer. I know it's considered Fall when September rolls around but today feels like summer.
It feels like the kind of day you lie on the grass somewhere and stare at the clouds.
The kind of day that you climb an old apple tree and read comic books and eat apples. Apples that haven't been washed just a spit shine. Comic books that have been read over and over.
Jughead, Popeye, Daffy Duck.
The kind of day that you saddle up your bike, toss your beaded leather coin purse in the basket with the plastic flowers and head off for the gas station down the street.
Where you tie up Golden Dawn next to the soda pop machine and you lift the heavy chest lid, deposit your quarter in the slot and slide out a Grape soda.
The kind of day where you ride around the huge empty parking lot of some office building, pretending you are herding cattle back to the ranch.
The kind of day you wish your bike was really a horse and you really had a ranch to go home to not an apartment.
The kind of day where you bring your favorite doll outside with her little brown suitcase filled with doll clothes and you sit under the willow tree where nobody can see you and you play Mama.
And, it doesn't matter that you are 10 and everybody says that you are to old to play with dolls.
It's the kind of day that brings back memories of trips up to Shamokin to visit your grandparents and going to Knoebels Grove, for a picnic supper and to see the old aunts.
It's the kind of day for sitting on the porch swing with your Grandfather and talking about that bowl of peach ice cream you both are going to go get, IN A MINUTE.
It's a day to sit on the porch swing and just think about things.


  1. It's a good day isn't it. Like my Italy memories day.:) But days of childhood are even better.

  2. Isn't that the truth! Boy, I love a day like today. It gets me through February & March here. :)Bea

  3. Just like my childhood except I played with my doll, Sugarplum until I was 12. She helped me take care of my sisters...I swear she was real!
    You know the velveteen rabbit.."your not real until somebody loves you"

    I was reading my Passticio Quartz, and was thinking...if that doesn't sound like Bea...and it was! Good for you :)

    I've gotta start writing my blog instead of yours, lol.

    Hugs Bea,

  4. My baby doll was my mother's and although my daughter never had an interest in playing with her, probably because the doll had the same name as my daughter, her daughter might want it. Make sense?
    Yeah, I was surprised when Sarah asked me if they could use my response in the zine. lol :)Bea

  5. You've conjured up wonderful memories of my own time spent in our huge maple tree. If you climbed really high you could see the skyline but it was a risk on those skinny little branches. Thank you for bringing back those days to me.

  6. Do kids even climb trees anymore? I'm glad I could jog a memory there for you JGR. Maple trees have wonderful big think limbs, for sitting and thinking about things. Just stay out of those top ones, you hear! :)Bea

  7. I love porch swings and long summer days. I am so sad to summer go. These wonderful memories are what life is all about. I think I might need some porch time.
    Some warm cake, a little tea, and watch the world go by....

  8. A tea party, that's what we all need. A pretty little table set up under the willow tree, our best hats and my Alice in Wonderland tea set. You can bring the cake Elizabeth.....something yummy. :)Bea

  9. The cloud photo is fabulous!

  10. Your cloud photograph is beautiful. Just a little grass and landscape and then the gorgeous sky. Thank you for posting!

  11. Thanks Donna and Liz for the kind words about the cloud photo. It's funny it wasn't until this year that I became fascinated with the sky. It's like I can't look at it enough or take enough pictures. :)Bea

  12. Summertime....and the living is easy.

    Catfish are jumping...

    Great way to spend a day.

  13. Well said, G. :)Bea