Thursday, September 17, 2009

Be Free Dobby!

I NEVER get tired of driving down my road. I can feel any tension or stress start to flow away from me as I get closer to my driveway.

I'm still bringing inside my "inside" plants that have been having a vacation outdoors this summer. While I was pruning off dead leaves and checking for spiders and assorted odd insects a flock of Flickers landed in the back yard. I wonder if they were the extended family that had nested here in the Spring. I've been watering a small portion of the back yard trying to keep my little garden areas from drying up and blowing away. After all that rain this Spring and early Summer now it's very dry around here.
I think the Flickers and the Bluebirds appreciated the softer soil for getting a meal.

Last year, my notes tell me that the Bluebirds didn't leave until the middle of October. I suspect they will hang around at least that long but this might have been a farewell meal for the Flickers.
Now, the summer sounds are the Crickets and Chipmunks.

My daughter asked me if I could get the stationary bike out of the back storage room for her. Seemed like a simple request until I went back there and saw the mess. I forget what the house elves are called in Harry Potter but I swear I have a family of them living here.

I KNOW I was not responsible for the tumble of stuff surrounding that bike. Only an irritated house elf would have jumbled it like that.
I unearthed things and as Thalassa Cruso would have said, "be brutal". I made piles for charity and tossing. I put boxes of holiday items back on the shelves, that John built me, for their storage.

Honestly, how long ago was Christmas? Why are there Christmas lights still in a tangled pile ON THE FLOOR. Why is there one lone GIANT pine cone, ON THE FLOOR.

I found the box of jelly jars which I had already replaced when I needed them for the chutney. Maybe, I'll make another kind of

I found two boxes of those neat little clips to hold down tablecloths, on the tables, outside. You know I was looking for those all summer. Apparently, not in the right place. Well, now they are in the box with the tablecloths and picnic items.

I found a lot of other stuff that I won't bore you with. Needless to say that one portion of the storage area is clean and organized again. I left a stray sock, that my four year old grandson left behind, on the shelf, as an "elf gift". I hope that does it for them and they stop playing around in my storage area.


  1. I know what you mean, I've had little elves at my house for years, just no one believes me. :)

  2. I just got done reading your posts for the last 2 days...I've been so busy accomplishing nothing...sigh.
    I also bet you are first in line for the gift (I haven't checked yet, but somehow, I know)

  3. Yvonne, one year, in our old house, I complained to my kids that one of them was getting up at night and eating food they shouldn't be getting in to. They all shook their heads, noooooooooo.
    I said, the cupboard doors are left open, there are crumbs on the counter, so which one of you is doing this? Found out later that some kid up the street and taken our house key off the key rack. That's when we used to leave our door unlooked, in innocent times.
    He was coming in the house late at night and eating our food. :)Bea

  4. Lisa, you silly cuppie cake. OF COURSE, I was first in line for some of your art work. :)Bea

  5. Perfect !

    Heh leave me your address and I'll send you a postcard!

  6. this road *feels* so good! i'm happy gazing at it and i'm thousands of miles away! xo

  7. aw thanks lynne. It even feels good coming from the other end of the road. :)Bea

  8. I would love a house elf - what fun that would be.

    Funny story about the kid eating your food. Why was he doing that? Did he not get enough food at home?