Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back home again.

We returned from Minneapolis in time to pick up Murphy from his boarding stay. A long five hours of driving, in the rain. Blissfully, Riley slept the entire time having missed her morning nap.
We had a delightful time, got to see the improvements to Justin home, John got to help with a few projects, the dumpster got filled with the last of the debris from all the remodeling work and the garage got straightened up.
Everybody got to see Riley, now three months old. We all got to see what's new with the grandchildren, Hayden, Hunter and Sawyer.
Justin picked me up, at the motel, this morning around 7:30 and we went out driving around to take some pictures. The two above are just some of the wonderful photos that we took. We were, of course, looking for one particular area and never found it. I told Justin it didn't matter I had some great shots that I was really pleased to get.
It's always good to go up there and see everybody and it's good to get back home again. They will be coming down in about two weeks so I will find out what Hayden and Hunter have decided to be for Halloween. Always lots of long pondering on that.
I hope you had a creative weekend. :)Bea


  1. Always good to go, but no place like home.

  2. I'm finding as I have gotten older that I not only enjoy my home but I like my routine, quiet and personal time. As long as I space out trips I'm ok. I would hate to have a job where I had to travel all the time. Maybe when I was younger. :)Bea