Tuesday, September 01, 2009

And he heard another bell ring.

Hmmm, too early to write about Halloween.

Too early to write about favorite Christmas movies.


I just like this picture of our "poopy angel" in the garden. It's a favorite resting place of all the birds, hence the name. I spared you the details of the head.

I found black and white stripped tights today, in the Halloween isle. Very Zetti tights. They, of course, will not fit my traditional woman's body but they will look cute hanging from a clothes line up in my studio. Shhhhhhhh don't tell John. He has enough trouble understand my apple basket filled with plastic skulls.

I saw a rhinestone studded skull but decided I could make one if I felt the need. I thought about buying another coil of rubber barbed wire but one is probably all I need.

I stood for a long time staring at the wigs.

I went and got my hair cut instead. A young woman with coal black hair and multiple silver studs on her face, named Tulle, agreed with me that a haircut was needed. She snipped and whistled to herself and ta daaaaaaa I was done for all of $14.00 which is a hell of a lot cheaper than my last haircut at the fancy salon. And, about eight dollars more than John's barber, Willie, would charge.

Willie whose barber shop looks like it is still in a time warp somewhere in the 1950s.

My new, used book, Image Art Workshop, by Paula Guhin arrived and it's packed with wonderful ways to enhance and embellish photographic images. I plan on playing with this book during winter.

I did run off a color copy and a shades of gray copy of The Blue Chair. I used some Strathmore Texture paper which has an almost canvas like feel to it.

It went through my printer without a problem. I'm thinking I will do something with fabric and sewing with the color copy and maybe play around with some acrylic paint on the gray image.

Tomorrow, John and I take little Murphy in to the University of Wisconsin Vet School to have our conference with the surgeon about what to do about his elbow issues. I will let you know what they suggest we do.

I took him to Puppy Day Care today so he could have a good run with his mates. He's exhausted now but I could tell he was so happy to see them. Quality of Life. I know he's sore but it was worth it.

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  1. Bea, you are an even worse shopper than I am. Well, maybe not. I buy inexplicable things too! Poor Murphy, I hope they can sort him and I'm sure he loved his day at he Puppy place. Buster is off to the kennels for the weekend.