Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Something cool and refreshing.......

The heat that sat on the West coast has drifted across to our area. Although, today wasn't unbearable, the humidity is up and the 90 degree temps are going to arrive by the end of the week.
I work outside in my bathing suit now. I no longer care if planes flying overhead crash if they look down and see me.
I no longer care if satellite's record my image for the amusement of whoever actually looks at those images.
When my body temperature hits boil I stroll over to the pool and flop in.
The pool temperature is around 84 degrees and it still feels refreshing.
All of this is not a pretty sight but then if anyone was actually looking I would hand them a hoe and ask them to help weed the garden.
The doe and her twins have been hanging around the pond. There's enough water in there for them to splash around and cool off. I watched the doe stand on her hind legs and use her front paws to smack walnuts off the low hanging branch. Didn't even know that they ate them.
I babysat my grand baby last night and well into this morning. I didn't sleep much.........not used to her sleep patterns I was afraid I would not hear her if she started to cry. She slept peacefully, I didn't.
John lost his voice last night. Must have been an exciting tennis match he played in. He sounded like Darth Vader this morning.
This evening he sounds like Edie Haskel from Leave It To Beaver.
My camera has been sitting on my computer table.
My fabric postcards are waiting for me to come back and work on them.
The rug cleaner comes back tomorrow to reclean the family room rug. All those spots he made disappear, reappeared. And, now that the rest of the carpet is clean they are really noticeable. sigh...........
I'm still packing up James' boxes to mail off to him at the end of the month. There just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to get this all done.
My break is over, my bags of groceries are sitting on the steps to be taken upstairs and put away.
I envy folks that can spend hours at a time in their studios creating. How do they do that?


  1. Bea, I have that "I don't care" attitude too! Only I don't have a bathing suit. It's my arms that I've been letting cool off by wearing sleevless tops. In the past I would have not been caught dead out in public with that kind of top. It must be the wisdom to not give a damn that we gain as we get older, huh? LOL!!!
    Oh, I don't know how people spend all day in a studio either except that maybe they only blog about their art stuff and leave their real world out. And I suppose if there are people who do spend all day in a studio it's those who must because it's their uh, job. And they probably don't have anyone to cook for so they don't have to deal with getting groceries or stopping to fix a meal.
    OH, I LOVE your banner! It ROCKS!!! KEEP IT!!!!

  2. I wonder the same thing...where does the time go? I really enjoy reading you blog, so I'm glad you make time for it :)
    Peace, Lisa

  3. Linda and Lisa thanks for your comments. I suspect that folks that spend a lot of time in their studios might be doing it when I'm asleep or watching So You Think You Can Dance. They might be working with their MUSE while I'm wandering around out in the prairie taking pictures of flowers and bugs. They might be mixing paint while I play in the soil, weed and plant. I must remember to expand my idea of "studio time" to include other creative projects.
    Ok, not must but hope I remember to. lolol :)Bea

  4. Good post, Bea. How wonderful to be able to plop into the pool when it's hot and to watch the deer play in the water. Oh what bliss. As for time in the studio, what studio? Oh I suppose it'll be done one day. Grimace. Plumber tomorrow.

  5. Pat, pat, pat, you just wait, when that studio is finished it's going to be soooooooooooooo nice you won't come out and blog with us.