Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So sad to see.

The farm house is old, the barn is collapsing, the fields are most likely rented out and this sign has appeared on the lawn. The house appears empty and looks as if it has been for some time. There was once a lovingly attended garden that has now gone to weeds, sumac and Black Walnut seedlings.
Some one will bulldoze the house and outbuilding and perhaps build on the site. The view is gorgeous. I'm sure when the original owners of the house built they too stood on the hillside and thought about waking up in the morning to those gently rolling hills and valleys.
Then again they may have just been practical German farmers who saw the land as rich and fertile and the placement of the house, barn and outbuildings as practical for getting back and forth to one another.
I wasn't even aware that there was a "layout", for different ethnic groups of farmers, that arrived here, in Wisconsin, to build.
Apparently, because of the weather barns were always positioned in one direction and on one side of the main house, etc.
I read it in a Barns of Wisconsin book.
I didn't retain enough to tell you more.
If you are interested you'll have to do your own research on that subject.
Murphy and I are off to do adventureres things today. Our capes are ironed and our goggles are cleaned. Check your skies we might be flying by today.


  1. thanks for leaving a comment, I read some of your posts and they are all very interesting, I love the children one, those colours that you used are fab, you will be one of my favourites I will be back

  2. this is so sad, I agree. History is so important but we seem to be losing it to the tech age. I remember reading a book that talked about moving from the farming era to the industrial era, was both enlightening and sad.

  3. Thanks for dropping by Lee. I'm like a little kid when new folks stop by. I want to jump up and down and wave and show you all my favorite things. Another time, hey.

  4. Cathy, thanks for stopping by. I often find myself taking pictures of barns that are falling down, or old farm houses left to the elements. I guess it makes me sad that there is not going to be a record of the lives that lived and worked those places. :)Bea

  5. I'm always sad when I see this type of sign, but I also like your practical approach thought - makes me feel better about people having to leave their homes. How much land is there?

  6. Good question, Mim. It didn't say on the sign but I'm sure the BANK would be happy to tell me. lol
    We have so many properities out here that are for sale. A good number of them are 5 acres and up and those are just ranch houses with lots of yard. The farm's for sale that's another matter. :)Bea

  7. Yes, it is sad to see. I see the same here in Texas. I love the old homes and farmsteads but they just are not like they used to be.

  8. Hi Yvonne, I haven't seen that name is a long time. My cousin was named Yvonne after her mother.
    It's such a beautiful name.
    I think what makes me sad is the loss of the stories. I know there were stories, good, bad, strange but they are gone. Maybe I just put that loss on everything that I see that is falling apart or neglected, you think? :)Bea

  9. I love old homes too, Bea. Could you take a pic of the farmhouse? It probably sits too far back. I keep forgetting. You don't live in L.A.! LOL!! Oh, take a pic anyway cause I wanna see!

  10. Linda, I'll check my photo folders because I think I took one of it a while ago. :)Bea