Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Remember it's the journey...........

This is one photo that you need to click on and make larger so that you can see the "aunties" "momma" and the chicks. As usual, I had stopped the car to take a photo of the view or sky, can't remember which when I glanced over to the other side of the road and saw this group.
I didn't see them cross the road and yet I was moved to STOP the car, that moment and take a picture of something else.
Do you ever have those moments?
Some of the most life changing events, for me, have occurred when I allowed that quiet inner urge to express itself. I remember dropping my daughter off at pre school and instead of heading home I had a "whim" to stop at a coffee shop I had never been to. I sat in the corner of the shop drinking coffee so strong, it could grow hair on my chest when I realized the radio speaker was right next to my table and I could hear an interview in progress.
The man being interviewed owned a tiny little bookshop and was talking about some evening classes he would be holding on Esoteric books and philosophy.
I had no clue what he was talking about. I had no interest in what he was saying but because I was the only one in the coffee shop I could hear everything very clearly. I put it out of my mind when I left the shop.
I was headed home, plenty to do at home. I got in the car and turned the wrong way, heading away from home. Frustrated with myself I tried to wind my way back in the right direction. Those of you that have ever driven in downtown Madison know that the combination of one way streets and street construction can frustrate the locals as well as the visitors to our city.
I found myself in an area that I had never been in before. As I looked for an entrance ramp for the beltline I drove past a little bookstore.
No one behind me I backed up. I just sat there and stared. Here was the little bookstore that I had heard about on the radio that morning.
I could have driven by. I could have continued on my way trying to find the street that would take me back to the other side of town.
I didn't.
I parked, I went in the store.
I met the man that had been interviewed.
I signed up for a free class and I got in my car, found the right street and drove home.
That class, the people that I met, the philosophy that I absorbed from those books resonated with me. The meditation classes that grew out of that class and the people that were in my meditation group felt like old, old souls from a different time. The "chance" meeting changed the direction of my life.
But, you see I don't believe in chance.
I don't believe in coincidence.
I was led, directed, pushed, however you want to word it to the coffee shop, to the bookstore to the class and finally to the meditation group.
Perhaps if I had been more determined to get my laundry done or grocery shopping I might not have had any room for an "urge" to even make it's way into my consciousness. I would have been on full Type A mode, get it done and turned the correct way out of the parking lot. I would have pushed that "whim" to go to the coffee shop away with the stern thought that I had coffee at home.
So, dear reader, you are shaking your head wondering where this is all going. Very simply we can get caught up in our TO DO LIST, our daily events and we can silence that inner voice so that it is hardly a whisper any more. We can be sensible, controlled, careful and any other number of adjectives to describe someone that doesn't respond to a whim.
We get so caught up in our LIFE that we forget to sit still.
To sit quietly without background noise or music.
To even ask, out loud,
Dear Soul what do YOU have planned for me today?
What would YOU like to do?
Would the world stop if you listened?
Would your life fall apart if you did something on a whim?
I have no idea, you have to make that call. I know mine wouldn't.
I know one day, on the way to the dentist when we ALL KNOW you don't eat anything because you have already brushed your teeth, I went through the drive up window at MickeyD's and got a large coffee and a Big Breakfast.
I remember shaking my head at myself wondering what on earth I was doing.

BUT, I've experienced these "whims" before. I wait to see where they are going and this one took me to a busy street corner, next to a major highway, sitting on the sidewalk, sharing this breakfast with a man carrying an eight foot long wooden cross on wagon wheels but that's another story.


  1. Yum, brain candy! I already commented enough on your earlier post...Lisa

  2. Such a thought provoking post Bea. I loved the story of your trip to the coffee shop, getting lost and ending up at that bookshop. Some strange happenings can be life changing.

    What a wonderful photo you have take of that family. What are the birds? Geese of some kind? It's a great shot and again, so fortuitous that you happened to stop just there. What an excellent post Bea.

  3. Great post, Bea. Loved the picture of the family too.

  4. Thank you all for your positive comments about the post. The birds are Wild Turkey hens and chicks.
    It was a great shot, wasn't it? lolol :)Bea

  5. Love the photo. Those wild turkeys can move fast. I was amazed the first time I ran across some in the woods. I never got a picture but one left me a large feather.

    Your post was awesome, I have had these moments, and always just go with them. They always lead somewhere I need to be.

  6. Thanks, Elizabeth. It always surprises me when people tell me that "only something like that" could happen to me. It could happen to them, too, if they would just TRUST and LISTEN to their inner self. BE OPEN and less fearful of life. I'm not special and I'm not daring I'm just curious. :)Bea

  7. Of course they're turkeys, silly me. I'm all wrapped in thought today.