Friday, August 07, 2009

Rain welcome rain

I was just about to write something profound when I glanced up and out the window to see that very LARGE coyote trotting across the yard, past the pond and following the path down behind the prairie. Murphy and I just came in from outside taking this picture of a rain soaked water float.
Remember that picture I posted about three weeks ago when I caught him strolling down the driveway, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY? Well, here it is only 2:00pm and he's back. That's a little unnerving.
Of course, the camera is on the computer desk and the disk is still in the computer from downloading pictures. A lot of good that did me.
Murphy and I spent some well deserved time in the studio this morning working on some fiber postcards due for a swap. I posted a picture of the first two that I did and they have long since been mailed out. This morning I did five more like this one. They are all called, ZETTI HAT RACING ON LAKE LOUISE.
I like the name Lake Louise. A dear friend spent some time there and told me how beautiful it was. This is my Zetti version of it. The rest of the title speaks for itself.

I just can't do the same thing over and over which is one reason why I lost interest in doing traditional block quilts. A sampler quilt yes but the same design 12, 14, 36 120 times? ACK
The next set of postcards were a woven design from the scrapes I found on my sewing table. They are called ZETTI FIELDS FROM A HOT AIR BALLOON.
Are you seeing a theme here?
Actually, the theme of the swap is simply a quilted fiber postcard. I like it when I have a LOT of leeway in a theme.

Play, that's all it is is PLAY.

The rain has stopped and I'm going to go out and pull some very large weeds from a garden bed where I still have to plant some flowers. It's August and I'm still planting flowers.......I'm still having a hard time grasping that's it August already.

So, create today.........make your inner child smile and your soul sing!


  1. I know exactly what you mean about repetitive work. These are exquisite Bea! August came far too quickly.

  2. They are beautiful Bea. I am the same you know, I get so bored doing things over and over. Like the raggy bags. If I take a break, then I can do some more! Or my rugs. I can't use my sewing machine at the moment as it's in the attic until we're sorted, about 2012!!

  3. Thanks Trudi and Gina. I love my sewing machine. I would be hard pressed to have to grab just a couple of things in an emergency. I love my paints, sewing machine, fabric all my STUFF! :)bea

  4. lol, I understand that Bea, I love all my stuff too! Crazy people, aren't we?

  5. Your post cards are Simply smashing.