Sunday, August 02, 2009

Quiet & The Calm

The blocks are put away. There will be no more building of the highest block building in the family room. The games have been put back in the closet. The pool is calm no water splashing out of it, no sounds of laughter and girlish screams.
My refrigerator is full of assorted leftover doggie bags compliments of my adult children.
My house is quiet and the animals are slowly coming back to the yard.
I hope my family had as much fun as I had. I hope they had a nice break to their normal routine. I am thankful that they were able to use their vacation time to come out here and spend it with family.
This is a big deal to me. The family I grew up in and was part of and that includes the extended family, is/was and probably will continue to be, dysfunctional. Despite attempts to come together it has never really gone well. Now, due to health problems, financial problems and just lack of interest it's most likely that we won't get together.
So, I am pleased as punch that my children still want to come home and visit.

It's time to box up the sorted items that my middle son removed from his stored boxes here and mail them off to him at his new home. As much as he didn't really want to wade through all that saved "beloveded" stuff he did and I think surprised at what all he found.

The apple didn't fall far from the tree.
His mother is a saver. NOT for lack of trying to empty out her life of stuff. Simplify has been my motto for the past year. I guess I say it better than I practice it. sigh..............
It attaches to me like a boomerang. I may take boxes of things to the charity store but within a short time I have "found" equally important trash to hang on to.
And, I can look at that stack of Styrofoam packaging blocks and tell you exactly what I have in mind for them. WHEN I get the time to actually create that work of art.
Zeus and I had some words about this a while back. His interests and hobbies don't collect things. Well, a few things like new golf clubs or a new tennis racket. Mine do.
My story is that as long as my "treasured stuff" doesn't impinge on his ability to move about the house, harm anyone in anyway, that he needs to just advert his eyes or move along.
I also carry a BIG THUNDERBOLT when it comes to my things. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO MESS WITH ME ABOUT THIS! lol


  1. Oh good for you! I bet you'll miss the chaos but will enjoy the peace and quiet too. I'm happy for you that your children come to stay. We haven't room for all ours at once! Even with the extension there'll only be one 'proper' guest room. Jack will sleep in my 'studio' (which could be a double bedroom)!! lol.

    My son Jason and daughter K don't get on (well, on J's side, K adores her big brother) so it'd never work. And Ben just does his own thing.

    No, men must never, ever touch our things, or make comments about how many bags of material I have or that I've never actually used that loom or easel. Tee hee. What a pair we'd make!!


  2. We could have a ball if we ever got together. They would have to tell us to go to bed. lololol :)Bea

  3. You are right there. It's 3.50am here and I'm still up!