Friday, August 21, 2009

Lots to talk about today.

First of all thank you to all of you that have sent me good wishes. They seem to be working. I seem to be on the mend.

Now, on to all the goodies. I was going down my blog list checking in with my favorite blogs and found some interesting things that you might enjoy checking out too.

Seth's blog has a very interesting posting about an display in a museum of the contents of a woman's home in China. It's laid out in an interesting fashion and the close up pictures of the items are little works of art in themselves. Here you go:

Julie Prichard at Lost Luggage is hosting something that those of us who take nature pictures will enjoy participating in. Find your favorite tree and photograph it, post it on her blog. Then on on the week of August 23, November 8 and April 4, 2010, take another picture of your tree.
I re-posted my picture of one of my favorite trees and will be posting a link on her blog.
All the details are on her blog. Come and play with us:

There is an amazing three year display of her Eleanor series, 1-36, on Trudi's blog.

Click on the pictures and just enjoy, they are amazing. Some are digital and some hand work. A real treat for the eyes:

Gina has more adorable grand baby pictures that are worth seeing if you miss seeing beautiful cute babies. There is lots more on her site to see so grab a cup of something hot and sit a spell and enjoy:

And, sad to say Marsha has to print about another artist having her work copied. She offers some suggestion about how to protect your work.

Check them out, they are certainly easy to do.

It' rainy, damp, chilly and not at all August weather here, today. Good day to work in the studio. My DIL, Shari is here to take her final nursing exams at the hospital. She's studying so I have to be quiet. Well, that's my excuse for ducking into the studio. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh

So, check out those blogs and then go create. Your soul will be joyful if you do. :)Bea


  1. What a GRAND tree, Bea! Thanks for joining in on the fun!!

  2. Thanks Julie, I love to drive by this old guy. Once when I had time I got out and just gave it a big old hug. Probably got more from it than the tree. :)Bea

    PS. I have lots of readers that LOVE their cameras. I hope they participate.

  3. Bea,
    This is a Grand tree. Wise with age. Love it!!!

  4. what a HUNK of a Trunk! BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Thanks Sandi and Wanda, it's the kind of tree you just want to sit and lean your back against and feel it's wisdom and comfort, you know? :)Bea

  6. wow, bea, that tree is *magnificent*!!

    thank you for thinking about me!


  7. Oh what a gorgeous old tree that is. I can imagine you getting out and hugging it. And thank you so much for mentioning my blog. I'm honoured. I've been making ATCs tonight. I have the new blog and no ATCs!! lol.xx

  8. Thanks Stephanie and thank you for stopping by. I hope you come again. :)Bea

  9. love the tree and all the other sites to check out. I'm off to visit them : )

  10. Tami, thanks for stopping by this morning. Have a great day! :)Bea

  11. hi...i'm back...finally found your official arboreal tree's midwestern friend.....can't wait to compare their seasonal changes. i'll have to send you MY arch that i started photographing last winter, on the side of the road i'm on at least once a week. i'll find the posts on my blog and send them off to you.....ciao

  12. LOL Sorry, it got so buried with lots of other posts. You get the stick to it award, Nancy. lolololsnort I can't wait to see your arch.

  13. Great looking tree.

  14. You did have a lot to say this post! I spent some time looking at your links given here!
    Beautiful tree! Do you get snow in November?

  15. Yes, Becci we get a nice LOOOOOOOOONG winter with snow and cold. Unfortunately, this particular tree isn't really that colorful in fall, it's leaves turn brown and tend to want to cling to the tree all winter. Thanks for taking the time to read the post, visit the links and say hello. :)Bea

  16. Just a reminder that the Getting Arboreal: A Nature Collection is up for an update next week. Try to make a post with both your original tree photo and your new tree photo and leave me a comment so I can update the links. Hope to see you then!