Monday, August 31, 2009

Last day of August 2009

The Milkweed pods are getting fatter. The Goldfinches are busy on the Purple Thistle plants, getting seeds. A flock of at least 75 blackbirds swirled around from tree to tree. It always amazes me how they turn on a dime and never manage to take one another out. It's cool, my Burning Bush has started to turn shades of pink. There is barely any Queen Anne's Lace blooming anymore, it's almost all gone to seed pods.
My daughter and her daughter have moved in with us for a time being.
Getting to know my granddaughter at this delightful age is quite a blessing.
She's a very easy going, happy baby.

Just so some of you know that I really am working on my Lil Red Riding doll from SuziBlu's Workshop, Lil Red and Woolfie. The second coat of gesso is on and tomorrow I will sand that and then I should be ready to draw on the face with pencil. When completed this will be an aged, shabby, slightly dirty looking, well loved folk art type of doll. First I have to get my nerve up to draw the face, remembering my Petite Doll class I took and how to draw faces.
Tomorrow, Riley goes to the day care sitter and Murphy and I have some major work in the garden to do and grass to cut. The chores are winding down but still have to be done.
Someone suggested that the picture of the Blue Chair would make a great art quilt. I agree. I think it would be interesting digital or altered photo or just about anything. I thought about suggesting a challenge but you know life has been throwing me some unexpected things lately and I just don't think I can meet a deadline.
That said, I still am going to try to do a little art quilt of the barn with the blue chair. Anybody else wants to do something with the picture please do and let me know when you post the results on your blog. Then we can all go and see it.
Ok, campers, I'm calling it a day. Say goodnight Bea. :)Bea


  1. Omg. Bea, the post about the post about how the buddists don't react is a concept I am trying to live. It is hard and I think unnatural of me, not to react defensively. Funny how life brings you up.
    But, I would have been embarressed if a child of mine would have ever stomped on any one's sand castle. And they would have known it. But they never did.
    That is a Mother's job...teaching empathy.
    Sometimes 'live and let live' is the easy way out.
    Sweet grand baby. And you are a great mother!
    xoxxxx, Lisa

  2. Interesting seed pods, beautiful granddaughter. If I get the time I will make a small art quilt of the blue chair photo because I love it and have been looking for something like that. Also, it is interesting how you are doing your doll with the coats of gesso and can't wait to see her finished. As always Bea, I enjoy your posts.

  3. It's a hard life lesson, Lisa. We don't seem to be wired to make it easy. Another thing on my list to discuss with "that which can not be named". There's a design flaw.
    When life isn't throwing garbage at me I can focus on stilling my mind and emotions but sometimes under stress I just react. And, sometimes not very nicely. :)Bea

  4. Oh Yvonne that would be so fun. I promise to do one too. I'm getting excited about the doll now that I feel more confidence about doing her face. As I work on her I will post what I am doing. That way if anybody is interested in trying one they can. :)Bea

  5. Your granddaughter is a beauty! Her sweet happy face is so cheerful.

  6. i look forward to seeing your work with the doll; take it easy :-)

  7. Thanks for posting about your doll, Bea. It's great to see 'in the flesh'. What a great project. Your granddaughter is so gorgeous. Kitty is very placid too, very unlike her big brother Jack! He's a spitfire!

  8. What a sweet face your gran baby has.
    I can't wait to see you doll progress!

  9. Great pic of the granddaughter.

    Also love the new header pic. Reminds me of some of the sunsets around here.

  10. Thanks Gina. :)
    I have worked a little more on the doll. I got brave and just decided to draw in the face in pencil. It's folk art for goodness sake. RELAX BEA and just DO IT.

    Thanks G for stopping by. I snapped that picture the other night and a guy on a motorcycle stopped to watch the sunset with me. We never said a word to each other, I leaned against the car taking pictures and he sat on his bike. The sun went down and we both drove off in opposite directions. Two perfect strangers sharing a moment in time. Very cool. :)Bea