Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's Wacky Wednesday, it is!

Wacky Wednesday at the riding stables means that you dress in strange combinations of clothing or layering, you embrace a strange headgear, paint your face and have a "spa" day for your horse.
Hayden's horse, for today, got a bath, brushing and decorated with ribbons and silk flowers for a judging.

Here she is returning to the barn being escorted by the only boy in the camp group. She's riding bareback and looking quite pleased with herself.
Grammybea arrived on time to see them coming out of the barn and up to the corral only to realize that she (Grannybea) left the film chip in the computer and not in her camera. She raced home at neck breaking speed, although within the posted limits, retrieved the chip, raced back in time to take pictures of them leaving the corral back to the stables. Good move, Grammybea!
I'm sure Hayden was just happy that I got back in time. I know I was.


  1. What great pics! What a great idea - Wacky Wednedsday! I think I'll use that day for a fundraiser at school! Sans the horse, of course. LOL!!!

  2. She actually won a beautiful pink ribbon for her wacky Wednesday outfit. I think it was the face paint that put her in the lead. lol :)Bea

  3. What a wonderful and fun idea. Clever you to rush back and get the chip in time. So glad she won a ribbon too.

  4. Typical of the American PC all the children got a ribbon. I know it makes everybody feel good but sometimes I wonder if it isn't a mistake to make everybody feel like they are a winner. Do they stop trying harder then? :)