Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I just love where I live.

Maybe it's getting older.
Maybe it's my new camera.
Maybe I'm basically lazy but I find myself content to stay put.
I honestly never thought that I would even be in this state for more than a year. John was getting a master's degree in English and I thought we would be moving back to the East coast again. Because I worked for the University we got a deal on his enrolling into law school here. I didn't give it a thought. He would get his law degree and we would move back to the East coast.
I see some of you shaking your heads. I was 21. What did I know.
So we stayed.
We worked on our "starter" home.
We raised our family.
We moved to the "country" and built our dream house.
And, here I sit. Gazing out the window at a flock of Bluebirds sitting in my Plum tree. The prairie flowers going to seed. Watching the shadow of the Red Tailed Hawk, as it circles my yard.

This morning John told me that he had an urge to be at the ocean.
It's about this time of year that we drove from Wisconsin to Ocean City, Maryland, in a van full of teenagers and small children. We had two luggage carries strapped to the roof, the kids called them hamburgers.
I smiled, remembering how it was but in all honesty I don't want to travel anywhere right now.

For me, soaking up the colors of summer, the sounds, the smells, is a way of making sure that I can close my eyes in February and re-create this glorious day. That when I look out this window at white and gray I will see the bare Plum tree, full of ripe plums with Bluebirds almost the same color as the plums flying in and out of the tree. That the Black-eyed Susan's surrounding that little water carrying girl, Helga will be so bright that I have to squint to see them.

I love the ocean. I love our memories. I understand why he wants to go somewhere. But, I want to brew us some tea, take his hand and have him just sit on the back patio. Just sit and be with me and we'll laugh about the time the boogie boards flew off the top of the van across the Interstate or how many times somebody got stung by a jellyfish or why I never wear a two piece when I am body surfing. And, I'm sure John will smile then get a glazed look on his face as he remembers walking along the beach, at night, with me when I wore a beautiful white cotton dress and it rained and I was wearing green underwear.

Oh and speaking of things that probably shouldn't be posted on a blog I discovered how to remove a post without changing my comment section to high security. At the bottom of a comment is a tiny little garbage can. Never noticed it before but it's there. You click on that and it asks you if you want to discard the comment. Very easy to do.
So, my Asian buddies who have been posting naughty comments in the wee hours of the night, it's OVER. Go play somewhere else.


  1. Oh, I really enjoyed this post, what lovely memories and how nice for you to feel content with where you are. I also appreciate the tip on deleting comments.

  2. Thank YOU so much, JGR. Sometimes, I sit down to take a break from gardening or some other chore and I just feel like visiting with somebody. That's what my blog is a visit between the reader and myself. A nice cup of tea and some time together. Do come again. :)Bea

  3. How cool! I once owned green underthings. LOL!! TMI! OK, well, I love hearing that people are content with where they are in their life (and where they live.
    You'll have to sprinkle some sand around the pool, throw in a few drops of blue food color dye (so you don't get sick) and throw in some seasalt for John. And don't forget the white gauze (?) dress and green undies. LOL!!!

  4. Well, weren't we sassy things back then? lol He's going to just have to HOLD ON to that memory. :)Bea

  5. What you have is what I've wanted for a long time Bea. A home that I know I will live in for ever (or as long as is possible). We knew this would be probably a 5 year plan and now all the children have children I yearn to get back to the UK. I do love it here, it is so pretty, and I know I will miss the space, but that's my wish.

    I see what you mean about your countryside being like ours.

    A lovely wistful post Bea. Images of you in the white dress with green underwear float in front of my eyes! I once went in a sulphur pool in a white dress (just white knickers underneath) and it left Nothing to the imagination!