Monday, August 31, 2009

Why a blue chair?

I drive by something like this and I have a hundred questions.
Did someone just put that blue chair there because they liked the way it looked?
Does someone actually sit in that chair and watch the view?
Do they use the building?
Who made the rag rug chair cushion.
Does an artist live in this house?
Why blue?
There isn't anybody around to ask.
There is just this wonderful old building that just recently acquired this old, painted, blue chair, on it's step.
You know if I had unlimited resources I would do something like this all over the place. A bright red school desk out in the middle of a freshly cut farm field.
A purple chair sitting under a lone tree in a field.

When we lived in Madison there was a city park near our house. One year a large green fake crocodile appeared, way up on a limb, of a large old oak tree.
Who ever placed it there had a long ladder because it wasn't a easy to climb tree.
The crocodile was at least 5 feet long, bright green with large yellow and pink dots painted on it. It remained up in the tree for the entire summer.
Then someone removed it.
I know it brought a smile to my face when the kids and I walked by it. I imagine it brought joy to other folks as well.

I love to see art out in nature. I love to see the odd and unexplained right in front of me. I like the fact that my brain has to turn this image over in it's mind, make sense of it, dismiss it, analyze it, then turn it over to the emotional department so it can be enjoyed.

It makes me sad when I see random art destroyed by people, usually, children that don't understand or appreciate it's value. It's like the impulse small children have, at the beach, to kick or topple a sand structure and usually not something that they made. They have no concept of what went into the creation. It reminds me of the image I saw a while back of the Buddhist monks, in a mall, creating one of their incredible sand mandalas.
This small boy ran over and destroyed some of it.
The monks smiled.
They nodded their heads.
The removed the destroyed part and resumed putting the design back.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I'm taking a moment here because I don't have that understanding yet.
I don't have that connection with the universe and "that which can not be named".
I'm still wallowing down here, on earth, at the emotional level.

The least I would have done is glared at the child, remembering that I was in a public place and his mother, I hope was nearby.

Once and only once during a meditation class did I ever experience that Universal space of Oneness.........that amazing comprehension of utter and complete LOVE, pure LOVE. And, that doesn't even come close to expressing what that moment of pure bliss was about.

But, I couldn't hold on to it. I could recall it. But, I can't hold it fore front in my mind and look at humanity with the eyes that have seen and experienced that.

I wish I could. I keep trying and that's the best I can do. So, part of me wants to believe that I have the ability and potential to look at that small child with love and understanding and see his pure beauty and KNOW that art can be redone and re created.

Do you see what happens to me
when I start to contemplate
a blue chair?


  1. Your mind works like mine does I believe. One other thing I did think of when I saw the photo was that it would make a great art quilt.

    Wouldn't it be fun if a couple of people did their own art quilt using that shot as the "base" and say in January we had an online showing? Nothing huge, the art quilts could be small.
    Heck it could be art quilts or digital images or anything, just using that shot as the "base".
    Now you've got me thinking. :)Bea

  3. Hi Bea... just got your friendly email.. great blog. I love this picture. It looks set up, but can it be? What a beautiful gel transfer that would make.

  4. Hey, Judy, thanks for stopping by. It does, at first look like a set up but I go by this farm every day and the couple that work it don't seem to have much time to "play". She works at the school and he's out in the milking barn or the fields. I've never seen anything "creative" showing up before. I suspect that somebody just wanted a good place to sit and think about things and the chair was handy. It sits outside day and night. :)Bea

  5. I'm up for it! A little art quilt of the blue chair photo would be great to do, and everyone's would be different I'm sure. I've often thought of dong something like that.

  6. first of all i am very drawn this kind of display
    old buildings and then to have a nifty blue chair propped in front of it
    if i remember my camera
    a picture would have been taken too

    and i totally understand your strive for universal oneness
    i connect...but can't 'hold' that connection either
    i DO think it helps me be patient when i am surrounded by stupid
    which is a good thing these days..

    see you are up for super nova (with julia)too
    and yes
    very cool you discovered how to send a message to ALL
    i am impressed!
    i haven't even figured out how to be friends
    if asked i can accept but
    turning it around...nope i haven't succeeded with that task

    tomorrow!!!! we finally begin class

  7. Hey Bea! What a lovely, interesting blog! I love the picture of the white it yours? We used to farm until about 20 years ago, and I miss living in the country so badly! thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  8. Hi Anita, thanks for your positive comments. No, the barn isn't ours, it's on my road and belongs to my favorite farm. For some people it's hard to leave the country behind, it's so much a part of who we are. :)Bea

  9. Mar, I have an Orange colored tabby cat named, Louie. His expression as he walks by me often speaks of one word and one word only, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, two legged.
    I think it was just dumb luck that I found a place to click SEND TO ALL. Never saw it before but how neat was that? Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by. DO COME AGAIN, I'll brew the tea and we can talk about our photo outings. :)Bea

  10. Hi Bea - If you invite them, they will come...It's teri from On the Wing. :-) Ok I'm cracking up about your cat comments. I have two -- one an old fellow I took in when my dad died two years ago and a young guy I got when my dog passed away last year. I couldn't bear to get another dog so I thought I'd try a cat. He's a loon but I do love him. Now we also have a dog that we adopted, a little guy who thinks he's the kind of the two cats (who are actually bigger than him, but who let him think he's the boss). All in a small NYC apartment. There are days I feel a bit like a lunatic.

  11. Hey, Teri I'm so glad you came. Please don't go back in the corn again.
    Murphy, my 11 month old Teddybear DOG thinks he's a cat. He thinks he and Louie are best buds. He thinks that when Louie bats him on the head that that's like a cat high five. You KNOW what Louie thinks about that. :)Bea

  12. What an interesting post Bea. I just love that blue chair photo, it's fantastic. Not sure about art quilts though....

    I think it's amazing that you found that inner peace just once, I'm sure it will come again. The monk story was so interesting. I would have been mad as hell with that little boy, yet why? He's doing what so many children would do. I get mad at the silliest things and people. I must try not to do this. Your posts often make me think.

  13. Gina, it wouldn't have to be an art quilt, what about an ATC with that as an inspiration?
    Sometimes my first reaction is one that comes from old held beliefs or messages that I heard as a child. I had a meditation teacher once tell me to walk in the mall looking at EVERYONE as if they were just a point of golden light, light so bright and warm that it made me smile to be in it's presence. A very hard task. Seems like it could be easy but you should hear what your mind has to say about people. First you have to shut up the chatter then you have a chance to see the light. :)Bea

  14. Bea, I loved the blue chair against the old worn barn. I can see that on the cover of a book. Very cool.

  15. I love this photo! My first response was ooh blue chair. Then wow what I could do with this. I think a red school desk would be cool I am so in sync with you on that.

  16. Well, Elizabeth take the photo and let's see what you and some play do with it. :)Bea