Sunday, August 30, 2009

I don't see this sky in winter.

This is the farm right across the road from my house. In winter that's the barn that I almost always have in my sunset photos. I love that old barn. It makes me feel connected to this land and the people that lived here before me.
This is the first year rotation of corn for this field. For the past three years it has been alfalfa. It's feed corn so it will stand way into the fall before the farmer will cut it down.
I am in the process of bringing my indoor plants that spent the summer outside, back inside. This involves re potting them into bigger pots, making my own special potting soil blend in the back of the tractor wagon and then soaping the plants down to make sure I'm not bringing in any invited guests. My house has seemed bare inside without my plants. I will be happy to see them back in their usual places and in bigger pots.
When we built this house we took into consideration my love of greenery and put a shower in the sunroom.
This amuses some of my friends.
The shower has a duel purpose, rise off before you get in the hot tub and easy access to rinse off a dusty plant and give it a good drink of water.
All my big plants are on wooden casters, that John made, so I can roll them from one room to another.
Bored yet?
Hey, I never said my life was exciting 24/7.
John is working over in the barn studio. I am so excited about this getting finished I start to smile when ever I think about it.
Not, that I haven't loved having my sewing studio in the house and my mixed media things down in the garage. I consider that lucky that I even have such wonderful space to be able to have two areas.
It just will be nice to have everything in one place. My avatar is a picture of the barn. My new studio space will be on the second floor. Pictures for sure, when there is something to show you guys.
I have my granddaughter here and she's napping right now so I'm going to close and go give my Lil Red doll another coat of gesso. You know when you sand between coats the cloth begins to feel like leather. Very cool.


  1. thats so nice that all your things will be together, cant wait to see the pictures

  2. Well, it's a slow but at least, ongoing process, right now. Next week, hopefully the dry wall guys will be here. That has to be done in at least two stages, the high part of the ceiling, then remove the wooden platform and do the bottom walls, then spray paint them. :)Bea

  3. how exciting ... the sound of a real a sort of 'novice', we're just making a space in the utility room. only little things happen in my "office"..mostly on this computer. down there, a sink and concrete floor and big table...sooo, we'll see what that promotes.. and our skies up here== me in michigan, your neighbor..after all the rain, finally, and now the early autumnish chill, more blue will be on it's way. oh, a loved the shot of the heron..must have inspired my found rock. . .

  4. Wouldn't that be cool Nancy, if we could "inspire" treasurers to be found by other bloggers! John and I have always thought of our marriage "mascot(?)" as a pair of cranes. We get down right silly when a pair fly overhead, like we're going to have good luck for a year or something. lol :)Bea

  5. Can't wait to see pics of your studio! How exciting!

  6. Not bored, never.

    Believe it or not, I find rural life utterly fascinating.

    Living in the 'burbs, I don't get to read/hear much about it here, as my hometown only has one or two very scattered semi-working farms (one of which I believe has applied/or is on the National Historical Register)

    BTW: Thanks for the linkage. It was a very thoughtful gesture. I shall return said thoughtful gesture with one of my own.

  7. Thanks G. I always support my followers, it's the least I can do for them trooping over here to read something that I wrote.
    We lived in the city of Madison for 30 years. It had it's ups and downs but once the kids left home we decided to leave to and try something different. BEST DECISION WE EVER MADE and now the kids want to know why they couldn't have lived out here. Grass is greener, I guess. :)Bea

  8. Enjoy your posts Bea. Look forward to reading and seeing more.

  9. Thanks Yvonne some days it just seems like a quiet visit between friends. Nothing really exciting just time spent together, you know?
    Thanks for stopping by. :)Bea

  10. what a gorgeous view bea - oh how i love the midwest, every time i go back i feel like i'm "home". and that barn studio, sigh....

    i want to friend you on facebook but i couldn't get any link when i hovered over your facebook link here...

    thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your thoughtful comments.

  11. Katie, you have to wonder sometimes about the Gadgets and stuff that blogger provides. I don't know why the Facebook won't click on. Send me an email at: for your facebook and I'll send you an invite to mine. Maybe that will work. :)Bea

  12. I just love that barn. I bet you can't wait, of course you can't. It'll be fantastic to have your stuff all in one place. I hope it will be warm.

    I think you're very industrious re-potting all those plants, I would find that a right pain. We don't have many indoor plants, I get a bit fed up with them. Plus we haven't the room here.

    Now what have I missed? You keep going on about this little red doll. What is it? Are you making it? Are there photos? Nosy of Clare.....

  13. See, Gina, now you have to come back to the blog and read another post for today because there's a picture of my Lil Red on that post.
    Well, right now she is still Lil White and naked. :)Bea