Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For Linda

Linda wondered if I could take a picture of the farm house that was for sale.
I knew I had taken one of it back in June. At the time I just liked how the front door looked and all the wild flowers in the front lawn.
At one time that was a pretty impressive entrance.


  1. Bea, as soon as I saw this old but charming farm house I began to hear the old tune from The Waltons TV show. LOL! Then I swear I heard "Goodnight Mary Ellen, Goodnight Elizabeth, Goodnight John Boy....."
    I appreciate you taking a picture of the house for me. It really is cute. I love love love old houses. The architecture is amazing and a lost art. It made me and Jim ooo and ahhh and then he asked me where it's at and he became silent. Silly city boy. LOL!
    Thanks so much, Bea.

  2. That is one beautiful front door. I also love old architecture, old houses, abandoned houses. And I hear you about staying home and relishing the warmth so that you can pull out the memory mid-winter.

  3. Oh, if you and Jim ever venture out of California and head to Wisconsin I'll show you lots and lots of lovely farm houses.
    Ill. too has some beauties.
    We're planning a little overnight get-away to Galena soon. They have some beauties there, too. OF course, I'll take pictures for you.

  4. Mim, you must have live or live in a climate with real changes in the seasons. I love all my seasons but here winter seems so very long sometimes. I've learned how to enjoy it but I miss the bird songs and the color. I have to reproduce that in my studio with a bird tape and lots and lots of COLOR! :)bea

  5. That is such a beautiful farmhouse, and I bet it's not that expensive either. It looks idyllic.