Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fiber postcards received from fellow swappers.

This beautiful postcard came from Ethel. All the way from San Jose, CA. The center with the dancing figure is 3-D and quilted. To the right is a very cool, what looks to be a paper bead.

This happy traveling star came from Christy in Charlotte, NC. A beautiful batik or hand dyed fabric with the appliqued star and stitched tails.

This wonderful card is from Kristi in Traverse City, MI. I love the dancing or joyful figure fused onto the gorgeous blue batik fabric. You can't really see the little beads she put in the center of each flower. AND, they made it through the postal system. YAYAYAY
Thank you ladies for sending me such beautiful, creative postcards. They are like little works of art. I just love them.
Today, I'm feeling a tad better now that I'm upright and thank the goddess still above ground. My nose is still running, like a little kids. I sneezed in the store this morning and a gentleman said, "Thank you." Since normally I expect to hear God Bless You I was a little surprised and turned to look at him. He told me he was thanking me for sneezing into my chest.
I turned away thinking, Men, it's always about them.
Remember, I still glare at Zeus for giving me this sinus infection/flu bug.
I had to give Murphy his ear drops this morning and after yesterday's episode, where I yelled at him for sneaking out of the studio with my flip flop and chewing it to bits, he was very docile about getting the drops. The cap slid down into the sofa and I had to take the sofa cushions off to get it.
Oh, Lordy, I know my interest in housekeeping has waned over the years but apparently it's really slid off the meter when it comes to cleaning under the sofa cushions. I found one old rawhide bone which Murphy was happy to see, $9.72 in change, assorted pony tail holders, two shop pencils, strange bolts, washers and other workshop like items and a couple of mushed soda crackers. Murphy and I got out the shop vac and cleaned it all up.
Finders keepers on the change and the rest of the "found" items can be rescued from the top of the dryer, if you are interested and YOU know who you are.
I picked up some hot and sour soup for lunch. If I can't have Indian fare this is my second choice for clearing a stuffy head. I told the young man at the drive through window I was sick and he threw in two fortune cookies for me.
Made me smile, they did.
It's going to rain and we could use a good soaking. I can see my plums have gotten darker and I can actually see them hanging from the tree from my chair here at the computer. I think I will just enjoy them this year.
Last year, in my quest to be Susie Homemaker Revisited I made Plum jam.
When the jars had cooled you couldn't get a knife into the jam it was so thick and hard. But, they did look pretty on the window sill.
I'm going back to bed. Thank you for sending healthy thoughts my way and I hope I'm a good go create something today and make your soul happy. :)Bea


  1. Bea, love the blog and enjoy seeing the other postcards that you have received. Feel better! Your fortune was ARE an influence on others....thank you for that!

  2. Awww what a sweetie you are. Thanks for stopping by. Do come again and see how my world doth turn. :)Bea

  3. Oh Bea, those postcards are just fabulous, I particularly like the dancing one, it's so pretty. What a fun swap you are having.

    I laughed at the things you found under the cushion!! Quite a lot of dosh though, that was a bonus. Buster would have eaten the crushed crackers and mouldy bone! I bet you felt virtuous when you'd cleaned it all up.

    I'm sorry you're still sniffling and I hope it clears up soon. I loved the fortune cookies. How appropriate for you. You've certainly influenced me. xxxxxxxx

  4. Congrats on the housekeeping. Zeus was afraid to bring this up to Hera, but Olympus was, in truth, getting a little scruffy. Nice to see it all spiffed up. The lightning bolts fairly sparkle.


  5. Zeus is becoming a wise old man. Now, if you would just stop throwing your lightning bolts at rocks I wouldn't have to spend so much time sharpening them! H

  6. Lovely fabric postcards - and funny story about the jam - who cares if its edible? As long as it looks good on the window sill! :0)
    So - Dr. Oz says you should get a 'netty pot' and flush out those sinuses!

    Get well soon! The world can't afford a Bea-down.


    oh and the Eleanor work is a compilation over 3 years and they are both digital and by hand.