Monday, August 24, 2009

End of summer time to take inventory.

I was folding towels and staring out the window when I realized I was watching leaves falling to the ground. The summer really is coming to a close. It's certainly been a busy one and I can't honestly say I missed out on doing anything I had planned to do. The list wasn't all that long to tell you the truth. I think I truly just wanted to savor each day.
A new granddaughter arrived, we had three large pool parties for friends and a week of family time, a week of granddaughter time and horse camp, cousins visited, Murphy met Lucy and was mighty impressed.
Shari got her paperwork to tell us something that we all already knew, she was an excellent nurse.
The garden beds were put in even better order this year.
My garden may not look quite as tidy as it did in June but it's manageable this year.
The wildlife didn't disappoint me this summer, from the deer babies to the cocky coyote strolling down my driveway and the Blue Heron that has discovered our pond and frogs.
I managed to actually lose 8 pounds without even thinking about it or diets or anything to do with exercise. I think I just am finally moving faster with my two new knees.
Summer Twenty of Twenty Summers was excellent.
I didn't expect to sky dive or create any masterpiece. I'm happy with what I manage to create on a day to day basis.
My husband and I still manage to annoy and love each other. We can still finish each other's sentences, remind each other of what we forgot to do, laugh ourselves silly over something equally silly and just be with each other.
I'm taking Julie Prichard's journal classes in September and learn how to create some gorgeous journals. If you are curious or interested here's the link.
I'm going to be moving my paint studio from the garage up into the new Marmalade colored room after the tile grout is done. There is talk about work being done on the barn studio. It will be exciting to finally move everything out into one space.
I traded banners and fiber postcards with my Internet friends.
I've met some wonderful new friends through SuziBlu's class, and Julie's Layer Love class:
I've met some amazing artists through my blogging friends.
So, although it feels like much longer than just three months I'm pleased.
Actually, I'm more than pleased I'm joyful. Life is good.
Create, make your soul sing. :)Bea


  1. Gosh Bea, you worked hard at that post and what a lot you've achieved this summer. I refuse to believe it's over yet. It's my birthday soon and I won't let Autumn arrive until after that! I looked at that course but it looks way too 'above my head'. Another difficulty is that I can't get half the supplies you use in the USA. Ah well, I'll get into journals one day.

    I'm so pleased for your dil and her nurse qualification. Such a fantastic career.

    So glad you're all mended. I've had a few cruddy days. Ah well, it'll pass. xxx

  2. Thanks Gina I wish summer was a couple more months but it's Wisconsin and fall is just around the corner. I'm not ready to tidy up the flower beds for winter but those leaves falling really surprised me, you know? :)Bea

  3. Sounds like you had a great summer!
    I can't believe leaves are falling already where you live...our sign that summer is ending is: yesterday the temperature dropped below 100 for the first time in months-all the way down to 98!

    I want to thank you again for your comment with the link for muslin-check out my blog to see the result of your kindness!

  4. Bea, it's still summer out here in CA but the only reason it feels like it's over is because it's back to school next week and staff meetings on Thur and Fri. sigh. THIS is how my summer ends each year but you know, with the way the economy is and the unfortunate way others have to deal with loss, I have to consider this a blessing. Great post.

  5. Well my husband claims that the only leaves that fell on the driveway were from sick trees. But, when I look around the trees are the color of dark emerald green, that dark heavy green that seems to signal the end of their cycle. They are just gorgeous. Nobody has changed color yet. :)Bea

  6. I know for some it's back to work again. I loved the start of school as a child. I loved the great sense of adventure, what would the year bring, who would be my best friend, what was my teacher going to be like and where would my desk be? The walk to school the first day can only be matched byt the last day of school and the expectations for summer vacation.