Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Embracing the journey..............

In yesterday's post I talked about "the journey". I suggested that sometimes it is necessary to be quiet and listen to that inner voice making suggestions.
Sometimes on our creative journey we stop and look around and wonder how on earth we got to this spot, where we are going, why we need the baggage we have next to us and why isn't there a clear concise road map.
I've often said that it would have been much easier if the God or Goddess in charge had tattooed life instructions and a life road map, on our forearms, before we were dropped down the chute, into earth life.
Think how easy it would be to just raise up your arm study your forearm and make a decision.
Some of us hear a little whisper of where we or what we want to be doing with our lives but FEAR stops us dead in our tracks. Fear can get really ugly when it thinks that you are going to change the status quo.
Fear will keep many of us treading water for the rest of our life. AND, we will be content with that. We will push that little whisper down and down until it can not be heard. Then life will seem good and doable.
Let me suggest something else here.........NOT KNOWING what's going to happen.........NOT KNOWING if we are doing what we are supposed to be doing.......can be a very GOOD THING.
The creative life is always changing. And, I would hope that most of you reading this post want to be pursuing a creative life.
So, I would suggest that you stop bombarding your life with manufactured sound. That you start spending some QUIET time with yourself and perhaps a journal or notepad. That you make a list of questions, read them out loud to the universe and WAIT and LISTEN for answers. Keep the list handy and remember that the universe ebbs and flows and the answers may come on an incoming wave or may be just a fleeting glimpse of an idea as the wave ebbs back to the source.
Be prepared to take an unexpected turn or stop on the journey. Let your inner child get excited about what might happen next. Have a plan but be OPEN and FLEXIBLE for it to change or for the answer to your question to arrive in a totally different package.
I have a dear, dear friend that worked very hard for her PH.D. She thought she saw her life going in one direction. Nothing happened. Part of her journey took her to places where the negativity was so unpleasant that she realized that she could never work in such a place.
Today she is packing up her current life for a huge change, a move to a different state, a new job that far exceeded her dreams and it all came about because she took on a project that she thought was really not going to go anywhere. It was because of that project that she now had a government job as a Director.
The journey was winding her through territory that was helping her clarify what she didn't want out of life.
There is a Buddhist belief that when several things all start going wrong that it's to protect some bigger thing, that is trying to get itself born. Whatever that idea is that needs to come into being, it has to wait for us to be distracted so it can be born as perfectly as possible.
Look around you, if your life is not working, what's the lesson? What can you hope to change? What questions need to be asked, OUT LOUD.
TRUST me when I tell you that if you ask those question with sincere INTENT the Universe will respond. It always does. ALWAYS.........


  1. Wonderful post Bea. I think fear is the biggest thing that holds people back. Then comes the inability to just listen. I have been trying to hone my listening skills, and look for the signs. There are no coincidences. Have a great weekend.

  2. i love this buddhist belief about something else being born whilst things are apparently going bonkers... oh yes, yes...

    beautiful post, bea. thank you...

  3. It's so nice Elizabeth and Lynne to know that other people are out there "listening" and then "living". But, then again, I'm reading your blogs and you are reading mine and that makes sense, too. :)Bea

  4. Oh Bea, I am sitting in silence except for the builders brushing the concrete floor. I have been so down since I came back here. Such a mess, such chaos, rain and more rain. I do hope you are right. I want things to change, I really do.