Sunday, August 16, 2009

She Rode Off into the Sunset.

Ok, it was still mid day but she did ride her horse out to the pasture after giving him a good bath and grooming. Yesterday, PapaJohn and I drove her up to Black River Falls to meet her parents and her brothers who came along for the ride. She has a lot to share with them.
John and I drove home and by the time we arrived in the driveway I was crashing with a whopper of a sinus infection, cough and general crappy feeling.
I even had trouble watching my Packers play their pregame with the Browns. John made supper and then I trundled off to bed.
I can't say I feel that much better today. My mother ended our Sunday phone call in record time of five minutes by telling me I was sick, I sounded sick and I should go to bed. I swear it sounded like she thought she would get sick through the phone wires.
I did make a fabric postcard for a certain person in Ireland. I'll post a picture after I mail it off to her. I have another one to make for somebody special in California and then five more for my swap buddies.
I am thoroughly enjoying working on a small project one at a time. It's very relaxing and I find my focus in entirely on what I am doing, which is something I love to experience. I love that loss of sense of time, that loss of touch with reality. It's just me and my art what ever it is at the time. A very special feeling.
Back to bed, sniff, sniff, hack, hack, hack. Friends should share, don't you think? :)Bea GO CREATE It's good for your soul.


  1. Oh poor Bea, I do hope you've recovered by now. Nothing worse than feeling below par. Someone in Ireland. Thinks.... could it be MEEEE? Woo hoo. If it isn't, boo hoo. lol.

    love n hugs. Get well soon.

  2. I think my daughter is suffering with a sinus infection. She's going to see an ENT on Friday for another problem but maybe he can give the prescription she needs. One cannot survive or get well on Tylenol alone. And shouldn't!
    Get well soon, pal.

  3. Thanks guys. I'm doing the rest, read, rest and eat chocolate and drink Diet Coke routine. I just know they fit in somewhere in the healthy food groups. :)Bea