Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back, back to school again............

This is the Zetti Glee Club practicing. It's for a dear friend of mine that will be leaving the state soon for a wonderful job and new life. She needed a postcard to use as a bookmark.
The stores are full of children and parents collecting their back to school clothing and school supplies. The office supply store has a whole display with sheets of paper with school supply needs for each grade and each local school. Wish they had done that when my kids were little.
I roamed the bins in Shopko looking at crayons, colored pencils, etc. Mostly, I was just hanging around soaking up the energy and enthusiasm of the children as they decided what color ruler or notebook they wanted.
Yesterday, I was babysitting my newest grandchild and while she was napping I did some ironing of fabric for my stash. When I ironed my batiks that whole warm crayon smell flooded my studio.

I think once upon a time when I was frustrated with my inability to get around because of my bad knees, I muttered out loud that I wished I was in second grade and all I had to worry about was cutting, coloring, painting and smearing paste on things.
I think the universe heard me because that's about when I first got connected up with some Yahoo art groups.
I learned a lot from those generous artists. From ATCs to fat, chubby, skinny books, altered books, altered journals and postcards, I learned new techniques, how acrylic paint works, what kinds of glue to use, etc.
I never remember anybody telling me that they couldn't share a technique. They graciously taught me and I thank them.

I'm getting ready for the football season by gathering my art projects that can be done while I am sitting in my chair, watching and listening to the game.
First on the list are the supplies for making fabric beads. I've made them in the past and used them up so I would love to have a bigger supply for inventory. I have a wonderful book called, Fabulous Fabric Beads by Kristal Wick, that I got at JoAnn craft store with my 40% off coupon. There are a ton of different painting projects for the fabric before you cut it up to roll up into the bead shape. I'm thinking that some of those painted pages could be used for a fabric journal too.
Yesterday, I did cut up some muslin and today I'm going to try to gesso the fronts and backs of those pieces.

The other project that is easy to work on during those long football games are my wool applique quilt blocks. I've been making blocks with wildflowers. The wildflowers and leaves are all appliqued with a buttonhole stitch. Somewhere I had a pattern but I've since lost that over the years. I just draw out my flower, usually something from my garden and use that as my pattern.

Every time I glance out the window I see the Plum tree and all those plums just getting riper and riper. Sigh.......... I'm going to have to make something with them. They are just too beautiful to let go to waste. I'll let you know what I decide to do. I'm thinking, not jam, this year.

Thanks for stopping by. Thank you to those that leave a comment. A quiet thanks to those that stop by and read and go quietly away. It's ok if you don't comment.
If you do leave a comment, know that I try to answer them all, if possible.

Also, thank you to my 18 followers. That was a surprise when I glanced up there. I appreciate you clicking that button. It's nice to know somebody besides Zeus is out there reading this.



  1. Anonymous6:32 PM

    You know I read. Every day. :)


  2. And, I LOVE you for your support and interest, you know that too, right? Smoooooooooooooooch :)Bea

  3. Howdy.

    Tripped upon your blog while surfing late last night and bookmarked for further reading.

    I like what I see so far.

    And I believe I will become a frequent (or at the very least once a week) visitor.

  4. Welcome "G". Very cute little dog you've got. Drop in when you can, subscribe and it gets delivered to your email addy. Kinda like having the "fish wrapper" delivered daily. :)Bea

  5. love the postcard and the title of post (love Grease 2)

  6. YUM PLUMS! And why no jam? Have you ever tried making the sugar-free type? I know, sugar is better but there are some who stick with the "free" kind. Can't wait to see what you make!

  7. Oh, Lucid we used to always make the kids sit and watch it the night before school started. Kinda like the KICK OFF for the school season. The kids knew the words and the songs, rowdy times we had watching that. :)Bea

  8. Linda, sweetie, last year I made jam and cooked it too long and when I put it in the jelly jars it was beautiful but it took a sledge hammer to get it out!!!!!!!!
    Maybe just a plum sauce this year.
    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm :)Bea

  9. Hmmm...I normally don't subscribe, but follow.

    Gets delivered to me the same way.

    Minus the fishy smell. :-O

    Thus, I will become a follower.

    And if all goes well (which it should), I'll post a link to you on my blogs.

  10. Mmm, plum jam. Jason has made some and I can't wait to taste it. We are going for a 5 day holiday to the seaside on 14th September, but not Jim. Too many children and I'd worry that he was miserable. I share a caravan with Sam's Mum Rene and she fusses around and looks after me. Lovely. And I get Kitty and Jack to play with.

    You are always so busy. I am just learning about these things and glue is a major stumbling block. Which to use? Why? The American books use different terms too and I go and ask for it and get blank looks. Lol. ah well, I'm going to become a rich photographer instead! lol. xxx

  11. Now Gina, don't be tempting me about that Plum jam. sigh......maybe I should give it another try, heh?
    You have a wonderful holiday at the seaside. How I wish I were going. We had a trip planned to San Francisco in October but now.....I don't know.........with Mary here and the baby......it might have to wait a bit.
    Glue? Tell me what you want to glue and I will tell you what to use. I am the GLUE MASTER. or is that Mistress? Well, I have a mess of glues including a cool one called GORILLA GLUE which basically works on everything. :)Bea