Friday, July 03, 2009

Wonderful package!

A wonderful decorated package arrived for me a few days back. Linda has been so patient about waiting for me to open it. WONDERFUL GOODIES, thank you so much!
I also received a package all the way from across the ocean. I have yet to open that one, sorry, BT but I refuse to be rushed when I open art packages.
I want to enjoy everything about them, from the stamps to the packaging to what is inside.
Right now I have three grandchildren running in and out of the house, two dogs right on their heels and Mary and the new baby coming over later in the day.
Oh, and I had an unexpected lunch invitation from my best friend to join her and our old theater director, from what seems like a hundred years ago.
Howard directed our local theater's production of Uncommon Women over thirty some years ago. It was my second play and where I met my wonderful friend, Donna. As we stood in the audition line I heard the whispering that the director was from New York. Big doings!
It was wonderful to see Howard again. We thought we had lost him to heart attacks. Turns out he was given a new heart and a second chance at life. I wish I had had more time to spend with him, his wife, daughter and granddaughter. The time at lunch passed way to quickly.


  1. Did you used to do Amateur Dramatics then Bea? A theatre director from New York. Wow! He was lucky to get a new heart and be given a second chance at life.

    What a busy time you're having. I'm so glad your parcel has at least arrived. Hugs to you.

  2. Oh Bea, what a great time you're having! I am very visual and just picturing everything you described made me chuckle! Oh, a new baby to celebrate the 4th with. How sweet.
    Glad you finally found a little moment to open the package! I know what you mean about being rushed. Not fun. Happy 4th!