Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Twelth of July.

I know some people don't have time to look at a large number of photographs when they are checking in to read my blog. So I've put my latest garden pictures in an album:
You can check them out when you have time. I suggest the slide show and increase the seconds so you can actually read the captions. lol
It's another gorgeous day here, high of 80 and just a peaceful, sunny day.
I'm working on edging the garden bed on the other side of the pool fence.
The weeds aren't quite so bad but the bed needs to be enlarged because the bushes have grown.
I'm also pulling out all the dead weeds that I sprayed about a month ago in the garden-bed-to-be up under my sewing room and the guest room.
It's an area that we never got around to doing anything with and the landscaper had very nicely put in large boulders for us, when the house was built.
Louie and Cleo are fighting. sigh.........I can hear them upstairs. Louie always starts it. Murphy watches me as I go to the bottom of the steps and yell upstairs, LOUIE YOU STOP THAT! DON'T MAKE ME COME UP THERE.
It works. He eventually comes downstairs making little baby cat sounds like he's the injured party. If he would just leave her alone. Boys! When they are bored they just like to stir the pot, heh?
My oldest son called me to tell me that he and the kids had seen UP and loved it. What's so great about talking with him is that he has such a great memory for things and can remind me of all the little bits and parts of the movie that he liked and they were the same things that we liked.
Starting a new garden bed isn't exciting. It's not a great adventure. But, it's what I want to be doing today. I'm enjoying the quiet of the yard, just the bird sounds, the running water from the fountain and an occasional small plane going over head. I'm very fortunate to live in such a beautiful space. It meets my needs for right now.
While I work I can hear in my mind the squeals and laughter of the children when they were down here, playing in the pool. It makes me smile.
I can hear a Chipmunk chattering at me, from under the porch. The Purple Finches are flying back and forth to the hanging pots, on the porch and feeding two separate nests of babies. Life is very good.
Create today, it makes your soul smile.

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  1. Bea, I'll have to look at your photos. I really don't mind seeing them on blogs. I think pictures are what make a blog personal. That's just moi. LOL! Love those beautiful flowers. Man, the color is so bright and cheery.
    I know what you mean about new flower beds. Lots of work but the rewards are well worth it.