Thursday, July 16, 2009

This is too much fun!

This collage is something I'm going to want to see on my screen saver in say the middle of January. I love all that color and who knew the photo editing button could be so much fun! Do click on the picture and see those beautiful colors.
I've been having fun reading some blogs from the Buried Treasure Challenge. If you are stopping by to see mine you have to go down to the next entry. I blog because I have to and although old blogs are fun to see again there is all this new stuff to talk about too.
This morning I opened my eyes to four pairs of eyes staring at me. Two were coal black and two were brown. I thought about shutting my eyes and rolling over but that would just provoke Murphy and John to up the antics to get me up. So, I blinked and said, "I'm thinking about painting the guest room." Without missing a beat John replies, "Tangerine."
I like the no backsies rule. Tangerine it is. Then he asks me what color we should replace the rug with. OOooooooh two more ideas to think about.
That's three things before my coffee.
Murphy, feeling that there was way to much talk going on here and not enough feet on the floor, moving to the door, for outside ablutions, started licking my nose.
Today, while out and about I picked up four paint color chips. From peach sorbet to Burst of Orange, Indian Summer to Tequila Sunrise. Don't you just love those names? sigh....................
We agreed, over coffee, this morning that our trip to Santa Fe, last year has influenced us.
I'm looking to painting the room this weekend. Somebody remind me of that on Friday. :)Bea who thinks that the Marmalade color chip is really pretty.

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  1. Wow what a packed morning and all before coffee! My brain wouldn't be functioning that well. Jim and I have had fun discussing the colours for the sun room. I rather like they moroccan palate but with a colonial twist. Sounds fun, doesn't it?