Monday, July 06, 2009

The Sun and Fun of July

We are off to a good start for our Twenty Summers! Justin and family arrived Thursday night and despite the cool, cloudy weather we have had a lot of fun.
A walk through my garden showed that my grape vines are actually producing this year. It's taken three years for them to do this. I am so excited. They still have to turn purple but aren't they pretty?
Sunday, we had our Second Annual Pool party for our friends and family.
Over thirty people showed up with wonderful dishes of food to pass, many good cooks on the grill and lots of fun in the pool. We had wonderful sunny, hot weather.
Lots of small children, babies and toddlers with water wings on running around.
My Red-wing Blackbird seems to be all done raising families. I haven't seen him in the yard for a couple of days now. I miss him. The Phoebe's are done with their nesting although the male continues to sing for another female. They just don't get it do they? She's done! She's off to the woods. lol
The Porch Robin babies are getting bigger and hanging their heads over the nest. The Porch Finch babies are all grown up and gone. It all went so fast.
I'm so glad I had a chance to take some pictures when I did.
I hope you have a creative day. Thanks for taking the time to drop by. :)Bea

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  1. Bea, your 4th and summer sound like the best kind to have! Your grapes look beautiful and delicious! Are they for making wine or the edible variety? And if they are the latter, who's the wine maker?! And will you be having any wine tasting parties in the future?!
    P.S. How's Baby?